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Thread: Dungeons & Dugouts (Gillette, Wyoming), May 9th, DC DM Rainbow Draft, 10 Players

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    Dungeons & Dugouts (Gillette, Wyoming), May 9th, DC DM Rainbow Draft, 10 Players

    Dice Count:
    Aquaman: 1
    Blue Beetle: 4
    Cheetah: 2
    Firestorm: 2
    Harley Quinn: 2
    Martian Manhunter: 2
    Superman: 1
    Zatanna: 2

    Final Record: 3-0

    This team worked incredibly well when I stuck to a simple strategy. As you can tell, there are only 4 - 5 characters that I'm really using here. On top of that, the DC draft environment is not ripe with loads and loads of globals like we may have seen in other sets, so taking characters just for globals didn't seem as common. Here's how I ran the team.

    Turn 1: Buy Cheetah. Hold one or back for ramp.

    Turn 2: Buy Firestorm (first choice) or buy Blue Beetle if facing a lot of villain fields opposite. If Blue Beetle, prioritize ramp.

    Turn 3: Prioritize either Cheetah (one more left) or Aquaman (only one die). Ramp. Field Firestorm then Beetle than Cheetah.

    Turn 4: Prioritize Martian Manhunter to solidify win condition.

    Round 1
    I faced off against an eclectic pseudo-villains team. Firestorm route followed by constant Cheetah ping into Martian Manhunter to finish with 15 life.

    Round 2
    The next team I played against was a Common Flash build that emphasized speed of attack. It worked pretty well until I got to the point where I had both Cheetahs and Firestorm out. I used my opponent's Relentless global to threaten attacks and keep my people on the board. Finished with 12 life.

    Round 3
    The last team was a villain-driven lockdown(as best as you can in DC draft) team that relied on a Harley Quinn-Joker combo and UC Black Manta. This match was the closest, which got me down to 9 life. My opponent's final push, though, left him reasonably open. With a couple of dual purposed Beetle/Firestorm fields and then a tiny attack it was all over.
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    Hey, I thought FoD was some secret tech you weren't sharing till I saw you mention ramping with shields. then I was like... oh, typo.

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    HAH! I think out of all of us TRP players I am the least likely to come up with a secret weapon!

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