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Thread: DC only decks for casual play.

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    DC only decks for casual play.

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    The wife and I played a game today with JL only cards. She is an avid Harley Quinn fan and I wanted to make a deck that appealed to her. We bandied back and forth with some cyborg and Catwoman solo attackers, hoping to chip away at each others defenses until she got heavy retaliation online and fielded Darkseid and cheetah. She started swinging with them every turn and was still able to buy Deathstroke. I was building up a wave of JLA characters until I got GL and Manhunter online. She got me down to 3 with a big Dark side swing and Deathstroke field, then I rolled two cyborgs as fists (that joker control) and swung with everything. Jhonn got in for 12 and she blocked my other 5 attackers, but that was all it took. The +4 on Jhonn from cyborg fists won me the day, otherwise she would have been at 2 and I would have died to a Deathstroke refield.

    Over all these teams make good showcases of the DC set and are generally balanced. I think a shrewder player might have the advantage with villains, but in the long run Manhunter's Overcrush is impressive.

    The wife made it a point to buy Catwoman rare first, that is some GREAT control that I didn't realize was in this set.

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    Nice, my son made a JSA team this weekend (with a few Justice League members to get up to 8) so I made a Villains team to go against him. I won the first game but we'll be playing some more later today and see how they fair.

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    Found myself wishing the common Catwoman was a Villain card.

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    Martian Manhunter is a great character who is well represented here.

    Hope the wife enjoyed the game! My lady is hoping to play her again sometime!

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