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Thread: Tyler Tx Ground Zero Comics

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    Tyler Tx Ground Zero Comics

    This Thursday, 5-14 at 5:45, join us at Ground Zero Comics in Tyler TX for a Dice Masters meet and greet. We'd like to meet other players in the community, get a feel for if there's a group wanting to do events. Come meet new players, play some casual games, and maybe make a few trades to fill out your collection. If enough players show up, we'll run a small tournament with prize support from the AvX storyline. We'll get started about 5:45 if we do an event, I'll be there about 5 if people just want to come by.
    join the event on the Wizkids Event System and favorite our store to get updates about future Dice Masters and Heroclix events.

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    We had 8 players show up to our first Dice Masters event in Tyler! I'm pumped. One guy was brand new and I taught him to play during round one, after round 3 he bought a starter! Great turnout.

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