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    DM retrobox

    So, this site is a serious work of databasing art. This guy posts on reddit about once a month, drops the link and gives a list of changes. Today's change, collection manager. Last month's, team builder with save function

    Don't get me wrong, there are other DM Databases ( for example) but the ones I have seen have uploaded images, and slightly more refined interfaces. This retrobox, is pure numbers awesomeness. The one thing it doesn't do well is set upper and lower limits for searches (though cost limits were just added) or let you filter by affiliation (sort yes, filter, I haven't found a way yet).

    I use this site for most of my # crunchings, and the Dicemastersdb advanced search dice filter for anything this site doesn't cover. Check it out!

    PS Seriously Wiz Kids choose one word and put your "selection" of thesauruses away.

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    True, but we are getting more and more traffic here, and he just released the collection manager, so, news.

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    Also, that database rules. I'm okay with multiple postings about it.

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