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    Deck feedback

    Hey all-

    I've been lurking for a while and finally registered and have now posted. I play in a fairly small gaming group (we usually draw between 4-8 for tournament nights and 4 for free play nights). Despite the weekly nights, most of my play is against my 6 year old son who loves the set but I usually construct teams for him. I've had some success with this deck but am looking for some advice/feedback.

    Black Widow- Tsarina, 4 dice
    Ant Man- Biophysicist, 4 dice
    Constantine- Hellblazer, 3 dice
    Green Goblin- Gobby, 3 dice
    Black Canary- Dinah Laurel Lance, 2 dice
    Professor X- Trainer, 1 die
    Spiderman- Webslinger, 1 die
    Wolverine- Canucklehead, 2 dice

    Gearing Up

    My initial roll determines a lot of what I do.

    A) If I hit on energy, I dive into a Tsarina and Ant Man start that backs with Wolverine and Teleport to keep bringing him out

    B) If I hit sidekicks, I build a Gobby/Constantine start and back it with the Professor X global and Gearing Up

    What would you change here (I have AvX, Uncanny and DC)?

    I have contemplated using the Constantine that allows you to get dice and the Loki or Joker in place of Spiderman to give a bit more defense. And I love Beast but am not sure that bouncing any of the other low level guys for him makes sense.

    Thanks in advance!

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    My first thought is what if you replaced Ant-Man with the Uncommon Kobold from D&D. It can help your ramp with Swarm, it's only a 1 cost instead of 2, and it's still a fist character.

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    As for your first turn plans, if you're hitting Tsarina first turn, why are you not using the rest of your energy to PXG, then turn 2 you can roll 6-7 dice, then buy a 4 cost or 2 2 costs and PXG 3 times, THEN on turn 3 you're rolling everything you've bought, AND all your sidekicks.

    Other than that it looks like you've got a weenie swarm going on here, I question whether the Constantine is worth it, since he isn't really a threat to your opponent, so buying him is the same as not buying a Tsarina/Ant Man. If you're looking for something to do with unlucky shields you could put it into ramp or control devices. Resurrection is good ramp with shields and I've seen the Iron Man Industrialist and Magneto global combo work as shield/mask control(might have to drop Gobby if you put that in though).

    Remember, even in weenie teams you're not going to buy a large variety of dice before the game ends if you're using PXG to put down a lot of pressure and globals to help you win faster (relentless). Thus, sticking with 4-5 threats you can fill your other 3 slots with helpful globals and highly situational dice.

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    Just a point to note, if you buy something turn one and two 2 cost turn 2, even if you pxg x3 turn 2, you can't roll everything turn 3.

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    Thanks a ton for the advice guys. I hadn't gone into any of the D&D yet but that card would be a very nice replacement for Ant Man.

    Shadow, I agree, it's a fairly weenie team which leaves me, at times, feeling meek. I didn't realize I could PXG the first turn, that's a HUGE bit of info for me and can really swing things quickly in regards to hitting up to a Wolverine or a mass buy of Widow.

    Thanks a ton!

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    Technically, you can't PXG on your first turn. But you can save mask energy, and on your opponent’s turn, when they pass priority to you, you can then use PXG.

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