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Thread: What Card Would You Create

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    RIDDLER. Gotta be the Riddler.

    Also, we already had an article posted that you can read here:

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    Doppelganger: Paragon aberration. Rare
    6 mask
    /2/2. 2/3/3. 3/4/4
    When fielded, copy the "when fielded" effect of any active character.
    When attacking, copy the attack and defense of any active character.

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    Gray ooze: Master Ooze. Uncommon
    4 fist
    0/2/3. 1/3/4. 2/4/4*

    When fielded KO opposing NPC
    * when fielded, KO opposing 1st level character instead

    Split: if damaged by a basic action move one gray ooze dice from your used pile to the prep area

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    Multiple Man - Jamie Madrox
    1/1/1, 1/1/2, 1/1/3
    Max Die Limit: Infinite


    Anytime Multple Man takes damage, you may move a Multiple Man die from the Used Pile or Prep area and field immidiately for free.
    ** Instead, you may purchase an additonal Multiple Man die for free and field it immidiately at no cost.

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    Empowered: Elissa Megan Powers

    0/2/1, 1/3/2, 2/4/3*

    Max: 4

    When Empowered takes enough damage to knock her out while at level 2 or 3, spin her down one level and reduce the damage she has taken to zero. If Empowered is knocked out on level 1 she goes to the Used Pile.

    * Once per turn, you may pay to double Empowered's attack.
    _ _ _

    For those that don't know of Empowered, its a manga superhero comedy series by Adam Warren. The heroine Empowered wears a skin tight super suit and she always ends up in bondage situations (Its PG-13 I promise! Just think 1940's Wonder Woman). Her super suit always gets torn to shreds, which weakens her powers, but it does regenerate.

    Her ability of spinning down reflects her super suit taking damage with her Level 1 knockout of going to the Used Pile represents her being in bondage. The "*" condition is when the suit goes into over drive.
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    Distraction Distraction
    Basic Action Card
    Cost: 2

    Select a different BAC and immediately flip it upside down. During your clear and draw step each turn, place a counter on this card. Once there are 3 counters on the card, immediately flip it back over.

    While the card is face down, it is to be considered not in play. Any global ability on it's text may not be used, any die may not be purchased, and any previously purchased die that are rolled trigger no effect on thier action face.

    Global: Once during your turn, you may Pay 2 to move an action die from your used pile to your prep area.

    Card Art: DC Characters playing baseball
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    Quote Originally Posted by Meatman View Post
    Multiple Man - Jamie Madrox
    1/1/1, 1/1/2, 1/1/3
    Max Die Limit: Infinite


    Anytime Multple Man takes damage, you may move a Multiple Man die from the Used Pile or Prep area and field immidiately for free.
    ** Instead, you may purchase an additonal Multiple Man die for free and field it immidiately at no cost.
    I want this card

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    I wonder what would happen if the winner of World chooses to make the Invisible Woman. I wonder what kind of limitations are on the designed card.

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    Kingpin 5
    Max: 4
    While active, when ever your opponent places a die in their prep area, gain one energy.
    Global: Pay X life: Draw a die and place it in your prep area. X = the number of dice in your prep area + 1.

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    Nice @Bigred92 . Guarantee we'll get Kingpin in the Spiderman set. Can't wait for that one, it will be a lot of fun!

    I like your ability and global there...kind of mimics "gaining investment income" along very thematic lines for Kingpin. I think your attack stats are a little strong though, with Kingpin just being an above average size dude with no real special power...but we'll see where that nets out.

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    oh...and thanks @SarkhanMad . Madrox is a personal favourite. Hope he makes it into Dice Masters someday.

    I think that ability would present some fun and interesting control strategies too...not to mention very thematic. He would provide a virtually endless stream of chump blockers, but he is not very effective as an attacker. He has an infinite die limit, but how many do you bring? You would still be held to 20 total die on a team and those blockers would be nice, but maybe there is a breaking point where he would just end up filling your bag with stuff that doesn't help you win.

    Fun is nice to dream...

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    I would create the Batman from Earth-32,

    The Darkest Knight
    Green Lantern Affiliation
    1 3/4
    2 5/5
    3 6/6

    While active, Green Lantern affiliated characters you control can only be blocked by two or more characters.

    Global: Pay . Target character gains Green Lantern affiliation until the end of turn.

    Working on a mock up card right now!

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    @Meatman You're probably right about stats. Luckily it would be WizKid's job to balance his numbers.

    Your Multiple Man looks really good especially with and . What level would his burst side be on?

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    I'd have to do some thinking to make it's text super awesome, but I'd make Terry McGinnis Batman. Black die, red symbol.

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    Sodam yat ion
    9 shield

    If you use an action dice this turn SYI gets +3/+3 and overcrush

    Superboy Prime
    10 fist

    SBP cannot be targeted by opponents action dice or abilities

    9 bolt

    When field move all of your dice from your used pile to your prep area

    6 fist

    When fielded move 2 villains from the field to owners used pile

    6 shield
    JLA Affiliation

    When attacking alone superman is unblockable

    8 fist


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    Anyone else find it weird that Superboy costs more than Superman? Am I missing something? :O

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    Wait, two Supermen and a Superboy Prime? I think I'm happy I missed that storyline...

    Thanks for letting me know though!

    Anyone feel up for creating cards for some characters we haven't seen yet? Vulture? Rocket Racer? Squirrel Girl?

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    Really, all of the Great Lakes Avengers would be fun.

    A Mr. Immortal die that can't be knocked out, or immediately comes back into the field after dying? How fun would that be?

    Answer: VERY. I think Riddler may have a challenger for my most wanted die.
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    I'm pretty sure that I saw something like this somewhere else on the Internets, so I don't want to take credit for this. That being said, I love the flavor of this card and would like to see it in action.

    The Flash
    Fastest Man Alive
    Justice League

    Max: 2

    If The Flash would be put into the Used Pile from anywhere, put him into your bag instead.

    I thought this was actually going to be a card in the current DC set, and was disappointed when it wasn't the case.
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