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Thread: Jinzo Trap Destroyer / DM Singles

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    Jinzo Trap Destroyer / DM Singles

    Good Morning All,

    I've been looking around trying to find a Jinzo and it's slim pickins out there. Out of stock on CSI and Troll and Toad, I can't seem to find him in stock anywhere.

    There doesn't seem to be too many locations that sell DM singles.

    I saw Kenís post about places to buy singles, but they donít have any in stock. Except e-bay, they have 1, and Iíd rather avoid a bidding war.

    Are there any other good sites that sell? Will there be a trading forum posted here?

    [QUOTE=Ken;688] I'm putting links to the Dice Masters areas on each singles-selling site I've found:

    the haunted game cafe: http://thehauntedgamecafe.crystalcom...s_singles/1493
    four horsemen comics:
    glass cabinet hobbies:
    chez geeks:
    brap's magic:

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    Thanks for the heads up Gravity. I think all I really want for my Hellblazer is a Tsarina, unless I can complete my AvX and DC sets and get your Jinzo Trap Destroyer, but you don't have all of the cards I need (AvX - Rares Colossus 101, Cyclops 102, Thing 123, Wolverine 126 and Vibranium Shield 128; DC - Rares Aquaman 103, Joker 122 and Vixen 134).

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    Board Game Geek, Reddit and Facebook all have DM trading communities. I've traded on Facebook and Reddit (and here). I've had great success with all 3. Maybe try one of those if you can't wait for stock on retail stores to replenish.

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    Just worked out a trade for the Hellblazer. Sorry man.

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