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Thread: just rainbows at gencon :(

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    just rainbows at gencon :(

    only drafting at gencon i guess, that's a bummer. although it doesn't say what set...

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    Draft is phenomenal and I can tell you that we are going to do everything we can to promote high-level draft players. :-)

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    I wish I had the option of drafting like that. GenCon would be excellent!

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    I will definitely be at Gencon, and am looking forward to participating in some of these events. It is a bit of a bummer that so far there is no "headline" event of any sort announced, perhaps some kind of event wherein the winners of the draft events feed into another tournament Saturday afternoon. Anybody know if there will be prizes awarded?

    I've never done a draft and will be totally outclassed by other players at these events, but plan to just have fun with the experience. I've previously read the rainbow draft rules and it sounds challenging and fun. I have some questions for those of you who are more experienced:

    1) The Gencon events are all 16-player, 2 hour rainbow drafts. What would you guess the schedule looks like for these events? How long does the draft portion typically take? Assuming these are single round 30-minute Swiss matches, with 16 players you need 4 rounds, leaving zero minutes for the drafting, so maybe like 25 minutes per round or something?

    2) The event description blurbs said you should bring 2 BAC. Probably safe to assume this is just shorthand and you can actually bring more than two, choosing which to use after the draft happens, per the rainbow draft rules document?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave View Post
    Draft is phenomenal and I can tell you that we are going to do everything we can to promote high-level draft players. :-)
    @Dave Do you mean you are working with gen con or that TRP is going to be highlighting draft as a competitive format? By the way, I keep forgetting o mention this but in your new segment re which card to pick in a draft, I would love if you guys would consider at least quickly mention the contents of the second pack. Make it a true experience. As you mentioned several times during your first segment, it's really hard to pick from the first pile without knowing the contents of the second, and doing it this way will help people learn more.

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    I mean that TRP is going to be highlighting draft. I mean, we already kinda do. It's pretty widely considered in MTG that draft is where some of the highest level of play resides. No reason we can't have it the same way here.

    I would agree though that cuts our supply of six-packs in half! Maybe we'll give that a shot, though.

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    i would love to draft all day long, especially if they are drafting ultron. i was basing my decision to go on doomtown and dicemaster events. not quite sure if i want to drive down there and pay for a hotel/badge just for that though...

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    I'm going to GenCon this year (my first year, yay!) and I plan on splitting my time between Dice Masters, Heroclix, and the Pathfinder Card Game. Let's see how that pans out. :/

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