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Thread: Article: Reading the Rainbow DC Draft Episode 4 - Player 1

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    Awesome, looks like I'm learning a lot here. I was also thinking Firestorm/Hawkman, although I like Blue Beetle too. Looking forward to next article.

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    Yeah Blue Beetle is pretty good, the difference is, that Blue Beetle is a common, and there are 4 Beetles in the Rainbow. You might see one wheel, where the chances of the best Hawkman, an Uncommon, coming around to you, even at 6 dice, are relatively low, especially since you already see two of them. It really is about playing the numbers game.

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    Yeah...that's true. I was able to nab 4 Blue Beetle dice in the last draft, which was crazy. Compare that to the fact that I could only snag 1 Aquaman, Arthur Curry. So I guess it depends partially on your local draft meta and the player base.

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    This was an awesome idea @Shadowmeld , to simulate a draft.

    When I began reading the initial article, I thought "Oh wow, another Rainbow draft article." But breaking down the choices during the draft is exactly what I didn't know I wanted. Looking forward to the next one!

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    Thanks Willis, I knew I wanted to do this series after watching some YouTube videos that do something similar. The problem with the video format was that I could watch the player make draft choices, but didn't get a reason or explanation of why he made those choices until after his draft was complete. I felt that more discussion on how to make decisions in the moment was needed.

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    I'm a little confused by the fact that you were able to look at both packs before you made the first pick - in the PDF issued by WizKids it says each player picks from the first pack as is passed around to the right until it's exhausted. This is the point at which you get to review the pile of cards you've picked, decide a strategy and then start picking from the 2nd pack passing to the left.
    Have the Rainbow Draft rules been updated, or is this a local variant?

    Thanks for any clarification (we're an isolated group and I'd like to know we're playing the game correctly).

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