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Thread: Ugh super frustrated

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    Ugh super frustrated

    So the boyfriend and I just got a gravity feed of UxM for $40 (a steal) after pouring through all the packs still missing a lot of rares and super rares (like three gravity feeds now) the only super rare I pulled was Spider-Man (who seems to be the only super rare in the set as he is the only one I have and I have three) was the distribution off on this set? Because you would think after three feeds we would have at least most of the rares, but we don't we are still missing a bunch meanwhile have 3 if not four of some (marvel girl, Emma frost, red hulk) anyone else experiencing this?

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    Nope, I got nearly all of the set from one feed, one draft, and a handful of boosters. Sometimes the randomness just doesn't work in your favor.

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    Nope. After two gravity feeds and 2 drafts of UxM, the only cards I'm missing are SR Emma and SR Spidey. I plan on picking them up eventually as singles.

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    Those are the cheapest ones too, so that's pretty lucky!

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    Lol I have an extra Spider-Man if you are so inclined to trade lol

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