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Thread: Best Hardware/Software

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    Best Hardware/Software

    Hi folks...just looking for a little advice...

    For the past few years I haven't had a personal computer of my own. I have just been using the laptop that my work provides me for all personal needs as well.

    This has recently become a bit cumbersome so we are going to invest in a proper personal computer for our office at home. I thought it would be a great time to properly outfit myself for some great online Dice Masters action.

    I'll probably give Vassal a try once I have a proper personal computer, but I beleive I would enjoy webcam based gaming a bit more, as I really want to utilize my physical collection, and there is just a bit more charm to rolling real dice.

    Since I'm starting from scratch...any advice for me on how to set myself up well for some great online play? I'm looking for hardware and/or software advice in addition to arrangement and placement advice.

    Thanks All!

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