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Thread: Heroic?

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    Can someone please break this team up ability down for me into extremely simple terms. I'm pretty sure I understand the concept. This is what I understand :
    -can only team up with other heroic heroes
    -can only team up when fielded
    And that's about it... When they attack together you add up both attack values? How is blocking handled? As a casual player I normally just shy away from them, but I have so many I guess I need to understand them. Do many people use them?

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    TL;DR Don't.

    1)IF you have a heroic character in the field,
    2)AND you field a heuroic Character,
    3)DECLARE that character A and character B are paired,
    4)TRIGGER the Heroic effects.

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    Yeah, it just didn't really "click" the way they probably though it would. The could/should have balanced the purchase costs a little better since they're reliant on other characters. It's nifty to play around with but beyond having some fun they're not really viable at this point.

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