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Thread: Be True to your word but watch what you say! Especially with Constantines

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    Be True to your word but watch what you say! Especially with Constantines

    SO..... I cannot believe this happened. Last week in the first draft of DC I pulled the ultra rare Constantine. Yes me right. Then three days later at the second rainbow draft I pulled a second Constantine. One of my group was so jealous, but he just couldn't trade anything I needed. So during the night I said "Hey, If I pull a third one I will give it to you and you can owe me when Age of Ultron Comes out." He said OK, well we had a normal tourney tonight and the buy in is 5 packs of cards. Low and behold the only card of worth to come out of the packs. A third Ultra rare Constantine. Seriously no rares, just another Constantine. In 12 days I have pulled three of them. And there it was in my hand, and I look over and there he is. Well, be a man of your word. So as everyone watched I handed over the Ultra Rare Card to him, smile on my face, bigger smile on his face. So the moral of this story. Be true to your word, but maybe it is best to keep your mouth SHUT!

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    That's amazing! And here I thought I was awesome for having two.

    Good on you for keeping your word. That's an awesome story that will hopefully travel. I know I'll be talking about it.

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    So he owes you a Zombie Magneto now right?

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    @DigitalFirefly Yeah I think that is what I am going to want, but the Ultra Rare he pulls the chase and I am not taking that from him. I am not that big a jerk.

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