Okay, so I'm brand new to Dice Masters, and I'm quite the D&D fan so I went with a pure D&D team.

I call it Dragonrage

Ideally on turn one, you roll no character faces, one bolt, and one shield. You use Red Dragon global to deal a damage and cause Charm to cost 2 less. Buy it and spend the remaining shield to use Resurrection global. Turn 2, rinse and repeat until you've gotten all the charms. Quickly after, you want Half-Dragon and Elf Wizard(doesn't have to be paragon) for extra action die. As soon as Half-Dragon hits the field, pick up Dracolich and Red Dragon. If he stays on the field for a while, pick up your blue ones too. Your win condition is just keeping Dracolich and Red/Blue Dragon on the field while you spam action die and whittle them down until you can smash them in one hit with breath weapon. Kobolds are there as back-up energy regeneration in case you don't get the Charms.