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Thread: Unlimited Constructed 5/12

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    Unlimited Constructed 5/12

    Our Tuesday night Dice Masters group usually plays Rainbow draft. This week we had our first constructed event with unlimited teams. I played a team built off the Anger Issues + Wolverine - The Best There Is combo posted her on the forums.

    Cyclops is a fun addition that can inflict a lot of damage with overcrush if they have multiple characters fielded, but he's not needed with Wolverine. I only used him because I was undecided on what else to add.

    Our usual crowd of fun and friendly guys was there. I think all of us began playing regularly this year.

    First round I faced Ben, who had what I consider the best built team of anyone at the tournament. It was a solid control build with SR Constantine, Millennium Puzzle, Hulk (Jade Giant I think) and Punisher. He helped me out with Invulnerability. My first turn was a total miss. I got 2 sidekicks on my re-roll. I didn't buy anything and used PXG so I could roll 6 turn 2. I bought an Anger Issues and PXG'd twice. The following turn I purchased Wolverine and PXG'd some more. On turn 4 I got a Wolverine face and action face to turn up. With the help of our globals I was able to inflict 33 damage.

    Second round I faced Tyler. He had a very nice Villian build. Villians have gotten much better with the addition of DC, but they still need some help to compete at the top level of play. Not having a go to 2 cost character hurts them. On the first turn I was able to buy Tsarina and ramp twice. Second turn buy Anger Issues. Third turn I purchased Wolverine. Fourth turn I couldn't get a Wolverine face so Tsarina attacked for 7. Next turn I got Wolverine but no action face but he hadn't fielded any blockers so I was able to do exactly 13 with Wolverine, Tsarin and a couple sidekicks.

    Third round I faced Tarik who was sporting an all bolt team. The team was very fitting because he's typically a pretty aggressive player. I opened with another abysmal roll, getting stuck with 2 sidekicks but I was at least able to salvage a mask and PXG once. I used his Red Dragon global to purchase Anger Issues on turn 2. Typical turn 3 Wolverine purchase but he's already fielded Firestorm and dropped me to 14. Turn 4 I got Wolverine on level 2 but couldn't get Anger Issues so I purchased a 2nd copy. Fortunately for me Tarik missed drawing 2 Cheetah and instead drew 2 sidekicks out of the 4 dice he put back in his bag. On turn 5 I was able to owvercrush with Wolverine for 21.

    I didn't get a chance to play Rob. He had a solid dragon based team using some of the D&D dragons for their breath weapon. First prize was 9 packs. I chose DC but only opened commons and uncommons.

    The team is very fun to play but it's pretty one dimensional right now. If it's going to succeed it needs to diversify more. There's definitely some fine tuning that needs to happen. I chose Blue-Eyes over Red Dragon for his ability to help me purchase Wolverine in addition to Anger Issues. I might be missing something but I don't see buying Anger Issues turn 1 and Wolverine turn 2, leaving only one mask to ramp, as a great option even though it gives the chance of a turn 3 win.

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    It seems like the build is very thought out, did Constantine help you as much as you thought or did he seem more like a dead card? I would say if you were going to do something I would take him out and put in Psylocke Kwannon the Assasin. Then you could have extra energy for cone of cold global and such without having to worry about getting sidekicks to come up masks for PXG in a little bit of a longer game. But otherwise I like the build a lot! I'm glad it worked well for you at your tournament.

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    Most of the credit goes to @cyanide2x4 who provided the core.

    I started with Hellblazer but the game didn't really last long enough to utilize him, so I switched to Con Artist to mitigate Wolverine's high fielding cost. He's really only a backup buy in the event I get stuck with a instead of a on my first turn. I always prefer Tsarina for her ability to offer more on the critical turn, not to mention she hit's hard in the early game when they don't have much fielded. Constantine really isn't necessary though. Psylocke Kwannon the Assassin is probably a better choice. I've had her on a number of teams but almost never buy her. Still, it's really nice to be able to go to her when you need a knock out. I wonder if Hellblazer lowers her value though?

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    Hey, nice build and glad it's working for you!

    Love the blue eyes, I wanted to work him into it but didn't want to have too many characters in there just for globals. Constantine is nice addition too, although with how fast this deck can be it might be a better idea to stack fists. You hit the nail on the head with how one dimensional it is, but its monotony is also its greatest asset. How does somebody defend against that kind of face-melting attack?

    I'm really excited to see somebody come up with a counter! Maybe AoU will have something that can defend against overcrush, but until then these kind of builds are terrifying...

    EDIT: Yeah, Hellblazer is going to hurt her effectiveness. The only saving grace for her is that as the dice bag starts to fill up your opponent might be naming somebody else, letting her sneak in and KO his heavy hitter. The only use she could have here is drawing the effect away from Wolverine, but a smart opponent would know to name Wolverine and only Wolverine until the game ends. I'd use her spot in the roster on some kind of response for Hellblazer, be that prismatic spray or some other kind of similar utility card!

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    Nice report. Nice team, Stupid question how do you show the pictures in your post. I have a team I wanna show like this but do not know how.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vapedaveb View Post
    Nice report. Nice team, Stupid question how do you show the pictures in your post. I have a team I wanna show like this but do not know how.
    That's a great question! It takes a little getting used to but once you get the hang of it it's easy. You can find some well laid out instructions here.

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