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Thread: MORE! Wizkids Rules forum rulings.

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    MORE! Wizkids Rules forum rulings.

    Looks like the rules team is back from Summer Vacation. Two post batches in one week go guys!

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    I don't see anything there newer than Monday...

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    Shadowmeld, you got my hopes all up. But I don't see anything new yet either.

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    Hrm, maybe I saw the Monday list halfway through, there is definitely new stuff, but it us all from Monday.

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    There is new stuff for D&D Attack Wing... but I realize that it is not the same game. Just as expensive (if not more so), but not the same.

    Thank you for letting us know though. It's kind of sad that we get so excited when we even think there is a post there. I wonder if that team knows that we hang on its every word?

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    Now there are more rulings and, while it's nice to see them getting more out there, it's actually pretty aggravating that they have *multiple* answers in one update dedicated to one character/concept...

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    This is...just...what I don't know:

    As they exist before they are in play (i.e., in your dice bag), there are three types of dice: action dice, character dice, and sidekick dice. The language from the rulebook that speaks of “two types” of dice says, “Cards and their associated dice come in two types: characters and actions.” This statement is accurate, because sidekicks do not have cards associated with them, and thus are a third type of dice not referenced in the language quoted from the rulebook. Sidekick dice may later also be considered character dice if rolled on a character face, but they are not considered character dice unless and until that occurs—i.e., as they exist in your bag, they are “sidekick dice” only, not “character dice.”

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    That's basically just specifying what is already known - that sidekicks are both characters and sidekick dice, but only characters while in play. Thus you couldn't name "sidekick" for the effect of something like Catwoman's super rare.

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    Yeah, there is a similar ruling out there about sidekicks not being characters. Made me have to change my opinion about Mystic Box's ability

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