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Thread: Consolidated Age of Ultron Spoiler Thread/Blig?

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    Consolidated Age of Ultron Spoiler Thread/Blog?

    So the spoilers are starting to come in at a good clip. I started last night to create a single list of all the card abilities that have been spoiled to date, with the intent to update the post as more adds were spoiled, but I didn't and don't have the time to do that. Is there anyone else out there who might be able to take that on? Making a new thread with all spoiled cards in set number order, perhaps stickied by the mods, people post new links in the thread as new spoilers come out, and the OP updates the original post as able?

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    Maybe this is something I can help with. I won't be able to start until tomorrow though!

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    I have a list going too in a google doc. I have a feeling once tom Vassal's AOU play on Friday goes up we'll have a good chunk of the card info. I was going to wait until then to post my list.

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