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Thread: The Batarang Gambit

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    The Batarang Gambit

    I asked a question in the Rules forum regarding the proper way that damage would resolve with this team, but I really want (and need) advice to turn this into a crafty batch of super-jerks.

    The line up I have for this team is:;3x6avxop

    Batarang - From Wayne Enterprises x 2
    Joker - Clown Prince of Crime x 2
    Mister Sinister - Nasty Boy x 2
    Captain Cold - Leonard Winters x 2
    Black Manta - Deep Sea Deviant x 4
    Mystique - Raven Darkholme x 3
    Cheetah - Cursed Archeologist x 3
    Deathstroke - Weapons Master x 2

    Basic Actions:
    Take Cover
    Chinese Takeout (not really)

    My thought is that I can field as many villains as possible. Then, I would line them up against the wall and, using my superior math skills (ha!), throw a Batarang knocking out enough of my own villains to trigger a massive cascade of Retaliation damage with Black Manta.

    The trick is going to be two-fold:

    1) Controlling my opponent long enough to allow my nefarious scheme to unfold and
    B) Making sure to knock out my dice in such a way as to retain enough active villains to deal a direct damage death blow in one shot

    I'm already thinking that Cheetah can be replaced with another cheap villain, simply because I anticipate never attacking (unless things go horribly wrong).

    We are having a Dice Masters get together tomorrow night, so any help whipping these rascals in to shape is appreciated.

    I do have access to all of the cards from AvX, UXM, D&D, and DC (minus four R/SRs)... however I do not own any YuGiOh. Make of that what you will.

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    I didn't want to re-re-edit, so here's what I'm thinking...

    What if I switch Cheetah for Harley Quinn - Dr. Harleen Quinzel to allow me to essentially make Joker a 3 cost? Also, a swap from Captain Cold to Sinestro - Instills Fear would allow me to field a bit more cheaply.

    The new team would look like this:;3x6avxop

    Batarang - From Wayne Enterprises x 2 (One half of my tag team win condition)
    Black Manta - Deep Sea Deviant x 4 (The other half of the primary path to victory)
    Mystique - Raven Darkholme x 3 (Relatively cheap and will get really powerful quickly)
    The Joker - Clown Prince of Crime x 2 (Will be cheaper with Harley and a little control)
    Harley Quinn - Dr. Harleen Quinzel x 3 (Will make Joker more affordable and be another warm body)
    Mister Sinister - Nasty Boy x 2 (A little salt in the wound, also can allow me to knock out a villain for more damage)
    Deathstroke - Weapons Master x 2 (Fielding him will do some damage, stout blocker)
    Sinestro - Instills Fear x 2 (Make my villains more affordable to field)

    Take Cover (Hopefully could make my villains a little more hardy versus the Batarang)
    Takedown (Can allow me or my opponent to KO one of my villains, global lets me transmorfify someone else into a villain if needed for more Batarang shenanigans)


    So, those are my new thoughts. Sorry to reply to my own post, but it helps to think "out loud". Obviously, this team would be even better with Gobby and Loki - Gem Keeper replacing Harley and Joker, but that would be a bit much for some "friendly" games.

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    I was able to test this team last night, and was able to go 2-0 with it. The team has some problems, however, the main issue being that it is SLOOOOOW. I did use every card on the team except for Sinestro, so I think I've got an open spot. I was thinking of adding Captain Cold - Leonard Wynters to add a little control and slow down my opponent, but I would love to swap Sinestro for a Marvel Villain to even things up a little bit on the IP side of things.

    I also decided to swap Takedown out for Villainous Pact in order to perform a tiny bit of ramping.

    Does anyone have any thoughts on good villain control or speedy cards (that are preferably Marvel)?

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    Venom Angelo Fortunato and Doctor Doom Nemesis are both great control villains. In fact, take a look at the team list for Shields of Doom from this weeks The Prep Area podcast, it has some good villain strategy to it. Definitely don't have to copy, but if nay parts stand out for you, I highly recommend taking them.

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    That Doctor Doom is a pretty masked (and Marvel) psychopath, so thank you for that. I've added him and removed Sinestro. I think, also, that Distraction might be better than Take Cover in trying to keep myself alive while I set up my Batarang Chain Gang (my new team name).

    Updated team:;3x25avx

    In the two games I've played so far, I've only had to attack once (total)... and that was just to end the game. At one point I was able to deal 12 damage to my opponent with one Batarang ricocheting off the skulls of my own fielded characters (and one of theirs that got caught in the crossfire). I'm pretty stoked, but I need to keep testing this to see if it can get even better.

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    Ideally, the way team would play is this:

    Turn 1 - Buy a Black Manta, and maybe draw a Sidekick using Villainous Pact global
    Turn 2 - Buy Harley and try to ramp again. Hopefully pull a Black Manta or Harley into prep with tiny ramp.
    Turn 3 or 4 - Field Harley and purchase Joker to shut down a problem character (Last night it was Storm - African Priestess)

    From then on, I would build a wall of villains and turtle up (which is super easy when one isn't concerned with attacking). My opponent hit me a few times early, but once I got multiple Black Mantas out to make sure he stayed active I was able to sacrifice a few to blocking, which caused the rate of attacks to slow. From there, it was Nasty Boy's global to hurt their characters and KO my own (hopefully). Also hopefully, adding Distraction and Doctor Doom will give access to some slick globals. And, since I WANT my guys to be KO'd and not attack, they don't really help my opponent too much.

    This team is a blast to play, but it's just really slow right now.

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    Ok, here is the final version of the team (I think). I removed Deathstroke and added Beast - Nefarious Geneticist. This will give me more to run those globals and, more importantly, gives me that all important 50/50 Marvel/DC split. While Deathstroke was cool with his When Fielded ability, I want to do away with those since I won't be attacking and can't really recycle dice as quickly. Especially not beefier fellers like that.;3x25avx

    I will try to playtest it tomorrow. This is my favorite team that I've built, and I'm interested to see what sort of nonsense I can get up to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SlapsterMcFlash View Post
    I might try it in some hangouts tonight >_>

    all credit due to the OddballNarwhal
    All credit (or all blame).

    I hope it works for you. I like that it changes the focus of the game, and that the main path to victory is Bataranging your own homies upside the melon. I appreciate that sort of chicanery.

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    Slapster, you want some of them to survive. The trick is to get multiple copies of each villain out. Then, when you throw the 'Rang (as the kids call it), you start bouncing them off the copies of the villains you want to survive. THEN, you start hitting the copies with the big damage. If you can field 6 of the 7 villains (with at least 3 duplicates), you should be able to win the game with one shot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SlapsterMcFlash View Post
    it's so *********...

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    Quote Originally Posted by pk2317 View Post
    I don't think he meant anything offensive by it.

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    Using it as a derogatory term is offensive. I'm not OK with it.

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    Seems we have veered from the topic at hand here, going to lock the thread for now and remind everyone that we are a family friendly environment here, please review our rules post, and try to keep your posts of a mature and intellectual nature.

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