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Thread: Dice masters trade

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    Dice masters trade

    Hello TRPers,

    I imagine we will have a trade forum up at some point... Until then he is my list of haves and wants.

    Updated list to show pending trades.

    Wants/Needs: [W] Trade Pending w/
    Set/# Card Name Subtitle QTY Rarity
    AVX101 Colossus Piotr Rasputin 1 R
    AVX102 Cyclops Scott Summers 1 R T3hB4u5
    AVX123 Thing Idol of Millions 1 R Digital Firefly
    AVX126 Wolverine Formerly Weapon Ten 1 R
    AVX128 Vibranium Shield Cap's Protection 1 R
    AVX129 Black Widow Tsarina 1 SR T3hB4u5
    JLU103 Aquaman Orin 1 R Digital Firefly
    JLU122 Joker Red Hood 1 R
    JLU134 Vixen Animal Minicry 1 R LastManOnEarth
    YGO88 Jinzo Trap Destroyer 1 R

    Haves: [H]
    Set/# Card Name Subtitle QTY Rarity
    JLU107 Batarang From Wayne Enterprises 1 R
    JLU109 Black Manta Artificial Gills 1 R
    JLU111 Booster Gold High Publicity Hijinks 1 R
    JLU113 Captain Cold Master of Absolute Zero 1 R
    JLU114 Catwoman Femme Fatale 2 R
    JLU084 Constantine Con Artist 1 R
    JLU118 Firestorm Matter Master 1 R LastManOnEarth
    JLU119 Green Lantern Brightest Day 1 R
    JLU124 Lantern Power Ring Flight 1 R
    JLU125 Lex Luthor Billionaire Industrialist 1 R
    JLU127 Robin Acrobatic Adolescent 1 R
    JLU128 Shazam! Strength of Hercules 1 R
    JLU129 Sinestro Sinestro Corps Leader 1 R
    JLU137 Constantine Hellblazer 1 SR T3hB4u5
    JLU138 The Flash Connected to the Speed Force 1 SR T3hB4u5
    AVX99 Angel Soaring 2 R
    AVX100 Black Widow Killer Instinct 2 R
    AVX103 Deadpool Chiyonosake 1 R
    AVX104 Doctor Doom Victor 1 R
    AVX105 Doctor Octopus Mad Scientist 2 R
    AVX107 Gambit Cardsharp 1 R
    AVX109 Green Goblin Norman Osborn 1 R
    AVX110 Hawkeye Robin Hood 2 R
    AVX111 Loki Gem-Keeper 1 R
    AVX113 Mr. Fantastic The Invincible Man 1 R
    AVX116 Nightcrawler Circus Freak 1 R Digital Firefly
    AVX117 Nova The Human Rocket 2 R Digital Firefly
    AVX120 Punisher Big Nothing 1 R
    AVX121 Rogue Can't Touch This 1 R
    AVX124 Venom Angelo Fortunato 1 R
    AVX132 Wolverine Canucklehead 1 SR T3hB4u5
    YGO071 Baby Dragon Cute but Dangerous 1 R
    YGO076 Buster Blader Dragon Executioner 2 R
    YGO079 Dark Magician Dark Magic Attack 1 R
    YGO084 Goblin Attack Force Unruly Throng 1 R
    YGO086 Harpie Lady Sisters Trio of Terror 1 R
    YGO087 Injection Fairy Lily Fairy Nurse 1 R
    YGO089 Kuriboh Explosive Body 1 R
    YGO095 Mystical Elf Protector 1 R
    YGO097 Red-Eyes B. Dragon Claws of Steel 1 R
    YGO101 Slifer the Sky Dragon Lightning Blast 1 R
    YGO109 Thousand Dragon Noxious Vapor Gust 1 SR

    I also have extra's of all commons/uncommons from AvX and JLU and some YGO if interested.
    Last edited by Green Knight; 05-14-2015 at 10:54 AM. Reason: Pending Trade

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    Traded with @Green Knight cards arrived quickly and in mint condition. Thanks again.

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