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Thread: 5/11 Mixed Winner Ramp BaBomb

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    5/11 Mixed Winner Ramp BaBomb

    I named this team Ramp BaBomb, Cuz why not.
    The goal of the team is to increase ramp drastically with both PXG and Swarm. I went 3 and 0. I have also play tested this team against some of the national winners and it shows a decent win ratio going 2nd. 60-70% going first 80%, minimal testing.

    The goal is to use as much ramp as possible to get hulk first, Jinzo or Nova Second. I know Jinzo has been a hit or miss and I was upset that he did not make the top 8 at nationals, (Specially since I worked so hard to get ahold of one) so this is a team that incorporates him and he is used to slow down the aggressive teams. The nice thing about this team is the speed. All three matches I was able to get them all out and they all played their part.

    First game was against a slower team based on dragons. I ramped and placed Jinzo turn three with poly. Then I had so much energy it was turn 5 when I had hulk and Nova also on the field. With a wall of pawns I pinged down my opponent with nova and hulk to clear the board.

    Second round I was going against a super pawns team. I again got hulk out turn 4 before my opponent could get his pawns out and I just kept knocking out his Goblin King and Captain America each turn and while getting brought down to 4 life I was never in real danger of dying and overcame him with a wall of big guys.

    Third round saw an early buy of kobolds and polymorph, using most of the kobolds for energy I was able to get Jinzo and Hulk out by turn 4 and placed a lock. This was the toughest game as I saw the Baterang used to good use to remove Jinzo, or hulk however it kept costing him life to use it and with the massive wall of sidekicks and kobolds I was able to get two nova’s out and took the game.

    Now I admit that this tourney did not have super high meta gamers.
    The real test is this weekend when I bring team to my next tourney.
    If you see any changes that you would make please feel free to comment thank you.
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    Very Nice, A Jinzo turn 3 always hurts PxG teams. I'm toying with a slightly different variation on this but with prismatic spray to shut down all my opponents cards, and ruin their ramp.

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    Hey everyone,

    I did not want to repost the list but wanted to update the post. This list won again today 3-0 in one of our stores first ever Unlimited tournament. It was a great time and there were 7 people involved and OP prizes for everyone. I came home with the OP Superman.

    So I wanted to give a round summary.
    The first game was against a Fellow TRP reader, we actually met on this site and I am wicked excited to play more games with him. He brought a Hulk/Tsarina combo. I was lucky and rolled first. It was a good game but I stalled him with Constantine which slowed down the Tsarina pain until I got the Hulk and Jinzo out. In this game the Kobold/PXG really shinned. It was a good match and my opponent was/is very cool and loves the game so his enthusiasm was awesome. But after attacking with two tsarinas I was able to use the hulk to knock off the rest of his blockers and came in with a full 20 point hit.

    The second round went against a patch team. I again used the kobolds to speed up my ramp with Constantine to stall out his patch. Once I had Jade Giant out I was able to control his defenders and kept patch out of the game. He was gaining on me and would have won if he had waited one or two more rounds to get a full assault on me. However he attacked to soon and I rolled two Novas the next turn, end game.
    The Final Game was epic. One of the other readers of this site, (but I met him at the store first) brought a great control/machine gun deck. However he dreaded and wanted to see how this would do against Jinzo. However I was able to role Jinzo turn three, this caused him to take some damage. He used Millennium puzzle really well. I want to really say he used the puzzle amazingly well to keep Jinzo off the field for pretty much the rest of the game. He also had Constantine, he did work to keep my Kobolds off the field to slow the ramp. However as I have said in the post about Kobald/PXG ramping this also works in my favor as they have to spend energy to knock off my kobolds, and in end gives me energy. I was able to get Hulk out and as he had the Red Dragon I also bought a magic missle and pinged him down. Finally dropping his Constantine and came in with exact damage, to end the game. But his team was really cool and I think once he gets to playing it more he will give me some pain on the rematch.

    On the whole I am really liking this team, as it matches my play style of control and beat down.
    To those MTG players, this is like an old school blue black deck.

    MVP was Constantine, he saw 100% of play, as did Kobolds, and Jade Giant. I used Jinzo 66%, and Nova in 33% of the games. Everything else was there for globals.

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    Now I want to see that Machine gun deck that gave you trouble!

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    I think this was the setup of the Machine Gun/Control team he brought

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    How important is Iceman and Constantine for Ramp BaBomb team? Possible replacements for those two? (I don't have them)

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    Both very important, Constantine will buy you extra time, and stop all sorts of threats. Ice man is needed to turn your side kick dice into bolts.

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    @SarkhanMad Well for This specific team it is very important to have iceman who BTW comes in the starter set for UXM. Or you can get him for 25 cents on He is a must I say. His global is part of your win condition. It allows to to use hulk to remove characters and ping Nova to do damage to your opponent. Constantine, is not die hard. You can get buy without him. He is very very good in the team as he slows down your opponent so you can get your control up and running. But you can play without him. I would include someone else who slows things down like storm african princes who would make you reroll someone when she is fielded.

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    @Vapedaveb did you say your at another tournament this weekend? You'll have to let us know how well the deck stands up to some different opponents.

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    @spidermaxx yeah I have used it twice and it worked to win both tournies, I was asked to have it back again so they can try and beat it again. So I will be playing it again this Monday. I will let you know.

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    I have yet to get my hands on a BEWD, is there anything that can take its place or is it pivotal in getting out the high cost characters even with all the ramp?

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    @Zubu , nope blue eyes is not pivotal. It really helps, but you can get by without it. It does not stop the style. If you have everything else you might want to include another hitter that is cheap, tsarina, gobby, cheetah, injection fairy Lilly forced injection. Think low cost beat stick.

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    @spidermaxx , and everyone I am updating on this team, for the last time.
    I had another tournament last week on Monday.
    Unfortunately this was a small thing, only three people showed.
    I won,
    But because it was so quick I am not doing a report on it.
    but for this area (Denver)I think this team has walked it's paces.
    I am not going to Origins and if I did this would be the team I would bring, because I can play it really well,
    I really feel that part of winning is the team, and part is the player. It's how the two meld together, that really matters.
    This team and I go together really well. I have also had a lot of people ask about the team and what is important and what isn't.
    So Tomorrow, I will be posting about this team on my blog in a very in depth dissection of the team, my philosophy and choices.

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    Never dismantle the team fully, you never know when you'll need to loan a team to a friend. Just put it in a section of your travel box that's harder to get to and make it easy to get to the new teams. Then when you realize you miss this team get it out and see how the meta really has changed since you built this team.

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    @Shadowmeld , Oh I keep all of my cards in books, I will keep everything, just not show to any upcoming events with it. Plus I am putting it into my blog so I can see what becomes obsolete or can be changed and improved on. You never know with Kang and Wasp this team may come back in a new form.

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    Shame you can't attend your nats.

    Like you said 50% is your deck/team build, the other 50% is your confidence of running that deck/team and reading your opponent.

    Someone else could take this deck/team, thinking wow, he wins everything with it, and lose every game, because they don't know how to pilot it.

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