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Thread: Hulk Removal Options/Shutdown

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    Hulk Removal Options/Shutdown

    Hello, I'm looking at options to shut down/remove Hulk, without slowing down my own rush team. What one card options do I have?

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    millennium puzzle is the best option that I can think off? (still slows me down though as it's a 5 cost)

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    This won't remove Hulk but he won't be able to clear the board against you. It has other good uses too.

    Hulk is often Polymorphed into play at level 1. You could also use this to remove him and it would only cost you a sidekick.

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    this is the most reliable shut down, you could also attempt to use storm wind rider, or african priestess as a cheaper answer. At 3 cost you can field her, and hope for the best. You could also include joker/loki/mindflayer but they are the same cost as the puzzle.

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    Psylocke- kwannon assassin: when fielded pay two masks to knock out target character. Especially if you're playing with pxg make her a cheap mask source and consistent removal threat. Because she's "when fielded" she gets rid of the hulkster before he can trigger his ability. It can be expensive but it does tend to be fairly consistent. Even if she gets knocked out you can reroll and do it again. And she's only two cost.

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    She makes good Blue Eyes White Dragon bait too for the global. Then you know you're rolling her again if you need her.

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    How about using Jade Giant and pinging him with magic missile or Slifer global to remove him? That's assuming Hulk is in your build though =)

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