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Thread: Overcrush and Wonder woman

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    Overcrush and Wonder woman

    Had this pop up in a draft the other day.

    My opponent has Wonder Woman: Princess Diana and his Sidekick Wonderwall up.

    I had a 7-6 Robin: Boy Wonder and used the action Anger Issues to make him 10-6 with Overcrush... Can my opponent block with 1 sidekick and soak the damage? Or would 9 damage trample over?

    Overcrush in the rulebook reads, "When attacking, if this character knocks out all of its blockers, it deals any leftover damage to your opponent"

    But Anger Issues wording on Overcrush says, "(damage dealt in excess of blockers' health is dealt to opponent)"

    Thank you

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    In this case, one sidekick would soak all the damage. Every opposing blocker needs to be KO'd before any Overcrush damage gets through. Relevant quote from this thread on the WK rules forum:

    As a preliminary matter, the fact that the language in the parentheses on the Anger Issues Basic Action Card is not identical to the language in the rulebook does not mean that the Overcrush ability granted by Anger Issues is any different than the ability as defined by the rulebook. Language in parentheses on cards are there as a reminder regarding issues implied by the rules, and do not substantively impact play.

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    I'm not because it helps add to the meta. You can't have an answer for everything, so to stop something like this you need to be indestructible. But that's not going to help you against other things. Pick your poison! A>B>C>D>A ... I like it.

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