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Thread: Article: Reading the Rainbow Episode 5 - Tough Decisions

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    Great Article, I agree that after seeing these I would possibly go for the Batman/Robin is in play.
    But I would also like to go for the bolt team.

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    For player 2, pick 1 probably the

    Wouldn't feel great about it, Pack 2 pick 1 is most assuredly

    As for player 1's second pick from 2's first pack, I would go for the

    knowing I have a first pick ,

    and a second pack

    I would go for as many Hawkman dice as I could get, since multiple Firestorm aren't as useful as multiple Hawkmen.

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    I agree with you about the Multiple Hawkman dice. There is also the fact that if you draft all of the Common Firestorms, you're the one at the tournament with the biggest gun. Something to keep in mind is that the draft environment is a contained ecosystem. If you take a card not only does it give you the card, but it denies that card to your opponents. This is one reason I recommend taking at least both common Firestorms. After that, get as many Common Cheetahs and Uncommon Hawkmen as you can. If you don't have a great pick for your bolts team, feel free to take an Aquaman or Black Manta to deny them from your opponent. This is what they call hate drafting in Magic, and it will serve you well in the DM scene. Perhaps even more so.

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    Thanks DF, I really enjoy writing them. I have 4 more players to run through, and some interesting takes on some of those, then I've got a Yugioh draft in the pipeline, assuming AoU doesn't drop before then. If you guys have any requests or suggestions feel free to drop them here. I know this series could get boring after one or two sets, be happy to spice it up too.

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    So far they've been stellar and I really enjoy how in depth you've gone.

    As for hate drafting, it certainly has its place, just in my experience I've found it better to draft something that goes in your deck over hating on something else.

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