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Thread: Favorite Die thus far?

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    Favorite Die thus far?

    So for whatever reason, my favorite is . Don't know why. I've collected a few, 2R, 5U, 13C. I've even thought of playing 20 in a casual game, just to see if the swarm could get there.

    So what are your favorites?

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    Namor the Sub-Mariner. I'm biased though, as he is my favourite hero. I'm also a big fan of the Black Panther die.

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    the iceman one is nice and thematic. looks like a tasty, minty candy.

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    Hard to pick just one. Blue is my favorite color. I feel drawn to Mr. Fantastic's die. I also like most of the translucent ones though too, Loki's probably the best. Lately though, I've really liked looking at Zatanna's dice from the DC set. The purple with white swirl just look really nice. Hulk's die from AOU looks awesome, that may be my favorite soon. Spider-Man and Venom are my two favorite characters, but their dice so far have been a little lackluster.

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    I believe the worst die is

    Why does the Red Tornado have a blue die?

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    Yeah, I wondered that too. That was brought up somewhere else, someone said maybe because there was already a lot of red dice in the Justice League set (Shazam, Flash, Harley, Robin, Wonder Woman, Deathstroke). At least it's the color of his cape.

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    that among others in the DC set really annoy me. batman and black canary being almost identical. swamp thing looking like a rocket head version of zerg from toy story. captain cold being impossible to read. i don't care for the die pictures that are a face. like vibe and red tornado.

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    Catwoman and a Batarang are annoying the same colors too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DigitalFirefly View Post
    Catwoman and a Batarang are annoying the same colors too.
    Black Canary and Batman ate the worst for looking too alike.

    Particularly as the sit right next to each other in my Collectors Box!

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    My top 3 would have to be:


    Not only is he my favourite marvel character, I really love how good his die looks with the blue and black colours.


    The blue pentagram on transparent yellow just looks really good in my opinion, not sure what else to say.


    Purple is my personal favourite colour. Combine that with a really great looking die design, and you have my #1.

    Close runner up is poor old Emma Frost, who everyone has to admit, has a really cool die. I have one with a perfect teardrop in the center of the die, which looks really neat behind the diamond design.

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    Trying playing Catwoman with the special sidekick dice that come in the special collector's boxes.

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    Never speak ill of Red Tornado...! I will admit that I wish Green Arrow had more green in his die...

    Mr. Fantastic also has a fantastic one.

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    Not speaking ill of Mr. Tornado. Just his die. I have nothing but respect for the card.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigred92 View Post
    Not speaking ill of Mr. Tornado. Just his die. I have nothing but respect for the card.
    His die is excellent too. HE IS PERFECT.

    I also forgot how good Venom's die looked until I played @Shadowmeld on Vassal with him. I think every game we've played lately has had some form of Venom. (I bet we use all three types of Venom more than any other people in the entire world.)

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