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Thread: Johnny Storm + Jade Giant vs Green Goliath.

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    Johnny Storm + Jade Giant vs Green Goliath.

    How does this play out?

    Let's say I have JS and JG fielded.
    My opponent has GG.

    I field a character, JS procs.

    If I ping JG first, and KO opp's GG, does that prevent his GG proc'ing when I then ping opp?

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    Yes, because GG won't be active anymore to do anything. So ping JG first, then field character.

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    I mean ping JG with Johnny's ability.

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    Page 21 DC rule book.

    • Timing Conflicts
    If there is a conflict of timing (e.g., both players want to use an ability simultaneously), the person whose turn it is always resolves their effects first. If simultaneous effects are controlled by the same player, that player chooses the order of those effects. Once activated, an effect is always resolved entirely before the next effect begins. You cannot use an effect after your opponent starts an effect but before it resolves. The only exception to this is when an effect redirects or prevents damage, but those situations are clearly spelled out in the card text.

    So you would get Jade Giant off first as per this. also see

    As they talk about something similar.

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    I believe you can play it out like this:

    1.) Johnny Storm kicks in. Deal 1 damage to your opponent and 1 to your Hulk. Both points would need to be applied before moving on to other abilities per the requirement of completely resolving the ability.

    2.) Both Hulks are now going off simultaneously. You have priority so you choose the order they occur. You KO your opponent's Hulk. Now his Hulk would fire, only there's no Hulk there, so it doesn't activate at all.

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    KOing hulk, or any "when takes damage" triggers doesn't prevent an action that was already triggered.

    For example, dealing lethal combat damage to hulk still triggers him.

    In this instance I believe GG would still trigger as the two damages happen simultaneously, thus putting both triggers out there. GG would get KOed first, but GGs trigger would still occur because he still took damage. There is a ruling on Nova that confirms this.

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    So if my opponent fields a Kwannon and KOs my Hulk GG does he still then deliver his action to my opponent?

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    KOing hulk does no damage. KOing is what happens when you get sent to the prep area. KOing also happens when you take lethal damage or if your Defense is reduced to 0, say by Doom - Nemesis.

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