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    So far, I have limited myself to UXM, AvX and DC. Some of the D&D cards appear interesting. Question is -- is there enough in the start set to justify buying it to add in anything from it in unlimited formats? Or am I better off identifying specific cards and buying singles? Not even sure if I can buy the basic actions as singles. Thanks!

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    Well in my opinion, the basic action cards are enough to buy the whole starter set. Polymorph, Magic Missle and Resurection are amazing in unlimited. Those three cards alone make the set worth getting. I also think it is just a fun set. But some of the heros are neat as well. I like the halfling thief, and think she plays well in unlimited. Hope this helps

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    I've found that buying the starter from each set is usually a good purchase. Like @Vapedaveb said those three basic actions are great. Although if money is tight has most basic actions for sale for fairly cheap.

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    I've purchased every starter except Yu-Gi-Oh. If you enjoy the game it's fun to play a couple games with just the basic starters to see the interactions. But the real reason I've bought some of them is to ensure I have the basic actions. Even if some don't look enticing at first, I've found over time I end up wanting to use them.

    This past week I broke down and purchased the Yu-Gi-Oh starter just for the basic actions. There are a few in there that will be useful in both constructed teams and rainbow draft.

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    I've decided I will buy a starter set of any set that ever comes out. Lots of value, IMO.

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