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Thread: Osprey's Lunchtime Villain deck

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    Osprey's Lunchtime Villain deck

    Two things to explain, first: This randomly floated into my head while I was eating some lunch before work, which explains the title.
    Secondly: This technically got first place in a full constructed "tournament" last night, but everyone was playing much more casual lists or flying sidekicks, so take that "win" with a huuuuge grain of salt. Just figured I would post what I brought in case it gives people ideas, it's fairly similar to some other lists I've already seen people trying.

    Basic actions to start us off:

    Not much to say here, I would rate these as the two best action cards in the game currently, but that's just my opinion. They do exactly what they do for every other team that uses them, so you ought to know their purposes by now.

    The actual team:

    4 dice

    4 dice

    4 dice

    2 dice

    3 dice

    1 die

    1 die

    1 die

    The goal of the team is to abuse blue-eyes global + black manta and/or mr. sinister interactions to ramp and damage your opponent quickly, while venom provides beatdown and nasty combos with dr. dooms global. Mystique can quickly become a 4/4 attacker with two cheap sides, and provides masks for PXG ramping. Cheetah is a cheap bolt character that can damage your opponent while attacking, and provides bolt mana for mr. sinister and blue-eyes. Black manta is the star of the deck, giving us easy fist mana with plenty of retaliation damage to boot, allowing us to quickly ramp into our good buddy Angelo.

    I have to say, the options this team has for dealing with all sorts of different threats is amazing. Is your opponent stalling for a big attack? Burn them to death with retaliation. Trying to lock your dudes down with joker/loki? Run it over or polymorph it out. Sidekicks everywhere? Venom's got it. Little dudes everywhere? Venom's got it. Slightly bigger dudes everywhere? Venom and doom go dutch.

    The basic strategy for the first few turns looks sort of like this: Turn 1 buy a cheetah or manta and save 1 for PXG. Turn 2, buy cheetah or manta (whichever you are missing) and use a combo of pxg/resurrection to keep ramping. Turn 3, buy a venom and immediately prep the die using resurrection. The team takes off from there, and the opening turns are very consistent. I can't say it would work terribly well against a top meta team, but it's definitely great fun to play with friends.

    Let me know what you guys think and if I may have missed any cards that could make great additions to the team.

    I also just want to point out how easy this team is to build. With only two rares and the majority of the other cards being commons/uncommons or starter set cards, this can be scraped together in just a couple trades. The only "expensive" card is blue-eyes, but most people are picking him up for all sorts of teams anyways, so you should have one somewhere by now.

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    Nice deck! It should serve well in more competitive arenas as well. Grats on being your FLGS's noob stomper :P now help them get better so you can use them to challenge and refine your deck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowmeld View Post
    Nice deck! It should serve well in more competitive arenas as well. Grats on being your FLGS's noob stomper :P now help them get better so you can use them to challenge and refine your deck.
    Interestingly enough, half of the teams played at each event (aka sidekicks and machine gun) are spare teams I built for fun a while ago and just loan out to people who don't have many cards so they can play something until their collection expands a little bit. I do keep them up to date and walk them through turns since my friend and I are working hard to try and expand our gaming scene, little by little.
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    This is how it's done. Any time I can I offer to sponsor people for drafts. I keep the cards, but it ensures we have enough bodies for the draft to happen. The more people that are seen to play the game, the more people that will actually play the game.

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    Fun looking team. The villains are just too fun to mess around with these days. I love it.

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