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Thread: Beast - Nefarious genetist and BEWD

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    Beast - Nefarious genetist and BEWD

    Just playing around, and assuming I have BEWD in play and KO a necessary amount of characters, can I get any die for free if I lower their price enough with BEWD?

    When Beast blocks you may purchase a die with a cost 2 or lower for free.

    * You may purchase a die with a cost 3 or lower instead.
    Global: Pay [Bolt] and knock out one of your monsters to reduce the cost of the next die you buy by 2 energy.
    I really like the idea of buying dice on an opponent's turn and at a steep discount, to boot.

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    Unfortunately, no. They just made a ruling that cards that look at a card's cost only look at the printed cost, not what you would actually pay.

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    Oh fudge

    I also looked on wizkid's forum (granted via beast, not BEWD). I really wish there was a better way to find this stuff out. And it's the most recent post which is ironic lol.

    ps: that seems like a nonsensical ruling, but that's wizkids for ya.

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    It makes sense, otherwise you'd need to be taking into account BEWD, plus any other cards that give temporary cost reductions (Red Dragon Global, Batman ability, etc.). It's much simpler to just look at card cost (as printed on the card).

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    The sens behind it is that you (as a wizkids designer) only need to balance the cards you create around the printed stats of other cards. For example, Imprisoned becomes even more powerful when you think about fielding cost reductions.

    The ruling is both for player ease of use, Designer ease of balance and over all predictability of the game play.

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