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Thread: Another custom dice box

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    Another custom dice box

    Took me a little while and this is the second version (the first didn't turn out so well.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Nice! So it has an inner tray plus the 2 outside sections? How many dice does it hold?

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    The inner section is recessed and covered by a plexiglass shield. Two sided hinge together. Once I complete the fourth tray, I will combine them all together to create a single, four tray box. Then I will work on the artwork to cover the box.

    Each tray holds about 250 dice. So 1000 dice for the four together.

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    Very nice! Keep us posted with your progress (and upload those photos to the gallery if you would).

    Any construction details? How tricky would you rate the build?

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    Standard wood stock from Home Depot and Michaels craft store. Moderate to build. Everything is basically glued together

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    ...WOW. Real fan of how that looks. Makes me want to take a stab at it, even without any real skill.

    By being able to hold 1,000 dice, we'll all need a few of those soon!

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