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Thread: 5/16 DC Draft Mr Nice Guy Games 1st Place 5-0 - 17 players

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    5/16 DC Draft Mr Nice Guy Games 1st Place 5-0 - 17 players

    What a fun event, and for the first one in the area I was greatly impressed with the player count and the caliber. So many people talking, sharing, playing, loving it. Varying skill levels to be sure but everyone was fantastic and we're looking forward to more!

    There will be video of this event soon, and we'll be talking about it on TAZ this week too.

    We split into two pods, and then were going to cut to top four by taking the top two from each pod and playing single elimination.

    My draft could not have gone better:

    BAs: Resurrection, Distraction.

    Ideal turn structure:

    T1 - Buy Cheetah, resurrect.

    T2 - Buy Red Tornado, resurrect.

    T3 - Buy Firestorm, go from there.

    Sometimes it deviated. I would have to field Cheetah T3. But playing with Cheetah, Hawkman, and Distraction proved to be quite productive while I was waiting for my Firestorm to get out there.

    Biggest thing was that some players tried to wall up, but the direct damage helped me go up and over. If you're going to do that, it's valid, but you need removal and Direct Damage.

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    It don't get much more perfect for a draft than that @Dave . What where the dice spreads?

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    Thanks! I have all the team sheets so I'll share that later.

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    And I'm also starting to upload the videos to YouTube, one by one. Links to team sheets will be there, and I'll have a report that'll show the top four teams.

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    First video looks good, good sound levels and everything.

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    Link for vids?

    found them
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    Making it easier for the next person...the video's can be found here:

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