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Thread: Hulk GG vs. Tsarinas

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    Hulk GG vs. Tsarinas

    If I have a Hulk GG fielded and my opponent attacks with two level 1 Tsarinas, what happens to them if I chose not to or cannot spin anything down? Does the first one hit me for two points of damage and then GG ability happens before the second one hits me knocking them both out before the second one damages me for 2 more?

    Or do I take 4 damage and his ability kicks twice delivering 4 damage to all his characters?

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    I believe you declare attackers one at a time. Not positive.

    First Tsarina would trigger damage, second one would not get to attack. Again, I think.

    If I'm wrong, his ability would only trigger once because all the damage triggered would be simultaneous. But again, I don't think this is the case.

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    Attackers are assigned as a single simultaneous step.

    All effects that can trigger due to attackers being assigned will trigger.

    Those effects, however, resolve individually.

    Damage caused by such effects is not combat damage, so is dealt individually.

    Effects that trigger off damage being dealt do so immediately.


    Both Tsarinas are assigned to attack.

    Both Tsarinas' abilities trigger, but resolve one at a time:

    The first Tsarina's ability resolves, dealing damage to the opponent.

    The Hulk's ability triggers, dealing damage to both Tsarinas, KOing them, and anything else in the attacking player's field.

    The second Tsarina's ability resolves, dealing damage to the opponent.

    The Hulk's ability triggers again, dealing damage to anything remaining in the attacking player's field.

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    Thanks Scott. That's what I thought but wanted to make sure!

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