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Thread: Red Tornado: Lab Creation - Emtpy Dice Bag

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    Red Tornado: Lab Creation - Emtpy Dice Bag

    Red Tornado's Uncommon cards says:
    "While Red Tornado is active, once per turn, if you draw 3 or more Sidekicks during your Clear and Draw Step, you may put all the Sidekicks into your Used Pile and draw 4 new dice."

    My scenario is the following:

    1) I have Red Tornado active.
    2) I draw 1 character and 3 Sidekick dice. This allows me to move the 3 Sidekicks into the Used pile and draw again.
    3) My bag is now empty.
    3) When I refill my dice bag, does it include the 3 Sidekick dice just moved to the Used pile?

    Previous rules have stated that spent dice on your turn are "out of play". It is unclear to me if that ruling fits this scenario?

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    I'm pretty sure they would go back into the bag. The sidekick dice aren't being spent but rather, per the card, being placed into the Used Pile. So, I would imagine that they would get back in the bag for another go round.

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    Yep, with anything that says to put dice into used they go straight there. They do not go through Out Of Play. They do not collect 200 pounds (or dollars).

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    Red Tornado is an interesting method of getting more dice for Pyro Uncontrolled's attack tho. Going to have to play around with it.

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