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Thread: Theme in Dice Masters

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    Theme in Dice Masters

    Hi, everyone.

    I love this game, but much has been said about the theme (or lack thereof) on both boardgamegeek and the Dice Tower channel. I was wondering what everyone here thought about the how true the game is to the comics.

    Here's a post from boardgame geek:

    As this seems to be a hot topic on dice masters videos on the DT youtube channel, I thought I'd open a discussion of it. Being a huge comic book fan, here's some thematic issues I have with Dice Masters (despite the fact that I love this game).

    10. Doctor Octopus has the same attack strength as Superman, Thor and the Hulk.

    Doc Ock is a street level character (comic book fans will know the meaning of that term). Spiderman regularly goes toe to toe with this guy. Thor has punched through small moons, the Hulk has moved mountains and islands, and either one could one punch knock out either Spiderman or Doc Ock, whereas I doubt Doctor Octopus is even capable of hurting Thor.

    9. Phoenix and Doctor Strange are pathetic.

    In the comics Phoenix or Doctor Strange could probably beat everyone else included in the base AvX set combined by themselves. Phoenix has gone toe to toe with Galactus one on one.

    8. Storm is WAY overpowered.

    Again, I have doubts she could even HURT Thor, Phoenix, the Silver Surfer or the Hulk. Yet, I've seen her KO all of them at once in this game. Her power should have been Thor's. At least it would make sense for how much the dice costs.

    7. Hawkeye, Black Widow and Green Goblin are even more overpowered.

    Three characters who are little more than normal humans are better dice than the Silver Surfer who can survive a supernova, fly faster than the speed of light, blow up planets and re-arrange molecules. Hawkeye's arrows are faster than a guy who flies BILLIONS of times the speed of light? The green goblin tosses bombs. The Silver Surfer opens holes in space time.

    6. Magneto.

    How does his dice have anything to do with Magnetism?

    It's kind of like having a fantasy board game where the Cleric can't heal.

    5. Batman has equal attack to Darkseid

    Darkseid pimp slaps Superman. Superman can bench press the earth (He recently actually did bench press the earth for 5 days straight in the new DC 52). But Batman (a NORMAL HUMAN) has the same attack power???? How does this make sense?

    4. Global Abilities

    If the Silver Surfer is on my team, why can my opponent use his global abilities? (I know, it's a GLOBAL ability, but why does the SS or anyone for that matter, have one?)

    3. Thor's hammer with no Thor

    Shouldn't this card only be allowable if Thor is on your team? I know other people have wielded the hammer, but it just doesn't FEEL very thematic. You could have this team in this game:

    Thor's Hammer
    Captain America's shield
    Green Goblin
    Mr. Sinister

    Ignoring the other ways in which this team is ridiculous....Are any of these guys worthy of using Thor's hammer?

    In the Lord of the Rings card game, for example, certain items only go with certain characters (i.e. Vilya reads "attach to Elrond", sure other people COULD wield it in Tolkein's world, but it FEELS thematic to have Elrond use it).

    2. Characters with superpowers have no powers on some of their cards (like Ghost Rider or Iceman) while character with no superpowers have the best powers on their cards (i.e. Batman, Hawkeye, Black Widow, etc). Again, to use the fantasy board game analogy, it's like having a fantasy board game where the wizard has no spells.

    1. You can have 4 Spiderman's, 4 Thor's and 3 Green Goblins in the field on your side, fighting 3 Spiderman's, 2 Green Goblins and Thor in the other guys field. Theoretically possible in comics? Sure. Likely? Not at all. Especially with the frequency things like this happen in this game. Again, in the Lord of the Rings LCG, you can only have one Gimli or Gandalf in play at once and it makes the game much more thematic.

    Also I wonder what Odin's powers are going to be in the new Age of Ultron Set? He only costed 6, so my hopes are low for him. For those who don't know, Odin has destroyed ENTIRE GALAXIES. He headbutted Galactus and smashed his helmet to pieces (admittedly Galactus got back up). He brought the Hulk back to life after he died with no effort, and then easily teleported him into space, he defeated Thanos quite easily, can wave his hand and strip Thor of his powers, defeated the Silver Surfer with virtually no effort....

    How is this guy going to be in a fight or on the same team with Pepper Potts?

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    I think we should leave such discussions to BGG.

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    First, i know this isn't "your" post. this is copy and pasted from somewhere else. So this isn't directed at "you" the original poster, it's directed at "you" the writer of that.

    As far as some characters being overpowered stat-wise. I have to look at it not only the physical attack and physical defense that the character possesses. The values represent more along the line of what they are capable of. Batman, for instance, is a little overpowerd stat-wise when you just take in to account his physical abilities. You mentioned his attack being on par with Darkseid. But think about everything at Batman's disposal. He's the world's greatest detective. He has a contingency plan for everything, knowing a weakness for just about every possible opponent. And what happened in (DC Crisis event that i'm forgetting the name of)? Batman shot and defeated Darkseid.

    We can play this all day long... but at the end of the day you have to suspend your beliefs a little. And when talking about the power levels and abilities of some of these fictional characters, we have to not take them so seriously.

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    I have to agree with Randy. I can find thematic elements in all of them. Frankly, when you're talking about some of these characters, if you want to scale their attack power "appropriately", Superman would be impervious to everything except Kryptonite and Red Solar Radiation and hit hard with fists, with energy beams, and would have x-ray vision to see what you're hiding.

    Sacrifices have to be made to ensure a balanced game, so what they chose to do is have aspects of the various characters modeled in the abilities there. You can go for a perfect theme, but you're going to have an unplayable mess.

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    It's a game, not a simulation of the "real" universe these characters inhabit. Just keeping repeating that to yourself, BGG poster--"game, not simulation; game not simulation" and you'll find yourself happier with 99% of all games out there.

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    Saw lots of Superman in draft yesterday. I've seen many excellent teams that have nothing to do with any rares, or super rares.

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    I would like to see the writer of that post's opinion of Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games. Bowser could beat Sonic in the 100m.

    Poster might flip ALL the tables.

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