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Thread: Help with Mad Scientist team

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    Help with Mad Scientist team

    So first of all, I only have Marvel/DC, and only plan on using it, so although I appreciate suggestions of Polymorph, etc..., it's just not going to happen, so if you're so kind as to help, keep it in the Marvel/DC sets, thanks; also, you can assume that I have a card when making suggestions, if from Marvel/DC.

    So the team was started as a villain team with retaliation Black Manta and the Captain Cold that makes your opponent pay to attack just because I've loved when I've played that die in the past. Anyway, I always loved Doc Oc, as when I first started and played with my Dad, he was someone I'd use because my Dad knew him so he'd be more engaged. When I got the DC starter and saw Anger Issues, I definitely though about something, but wasn't sure how it would work. Yesterday, I saw whoever it was who posted about a Doc Oc/Anger Issues Mad Scientist team, linking to a Wizkids Rules Forum ruling that he can overcrush each blocker.

    Now, I need to use this. I had Harley Quinn/The Joker for the Joker's character fielding prevention, but I got Hellblazer/Gooby/Tsarina in the past couple days, also, and hadn't had any real 2-drops in my all villain deck. I had to find a power like Cable's because I'm not going to be using a Red Dragon or whatever it is, and I have the Enrage to help get Doc Oc to a higher level with more attack, along with its global; I was thinking about Focus Power, but I wanted to have more globals. Iceman obviously is there for his global to help Cable's global (doubt I'll ever really buy either, as a basic action would probably be more helpful in the long run, and I'm gonna be buying Constantine/Tsarina/Gobby at first obviously. Also, Gobby gives me incentive to field my sidekicks, so that I can then Iceman them all into bolts when I attack with Doc Oc, forcing more people to block him, and Tsarina for immediate threat while I set up my dice. Constantine's job is also to stall my opponent, obviously, along with Captain Cold.

    Captain Cold is the most questionable dude IMO. I really love what he does to your opponent, helping to let me stall till I can get my combo of Anger Issues/high level Doc Oc attacking with a lot of bolts out to force low defense blockers.

    I thought about Transfer Power, but a lot of people (especially this competitively) are going to be running Polymorphs, and I really want the ability to spin a die up to make sure the Doctor is at his best, and it's simply more important that I get him to 8 rather than 4 attack, even if it'd be nice to get him out faster - that's also where a Captain Cold comes in. Prof X is obvious.

    Any crazy obvious combinations (in Marvel/DC, sorry for the reminder) that I'm missing that would improve this? How do you think this is for my first attempt at a build after having some "meta" cards at my disposal, limiting myself to Marvel/DC?


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    If you're going to make this a full Mad scientist team, I feel you should add Ant Man and Beast instead of Constantine and Tsarina. However, that would make this more of a fun Theme team than a competitive comp team. I also understand Ice Man and PXG on the team, and while I understand Cable, I think you might be able to get more out of Mr. Fantastic ha you could out of Cable. Sure Cable comboes with Anger issues and Doc Oc but how many bolts can you reasonable expect to roll with that combo?

    Infact, here's the strategy I've seen lately when it comes to Overcrush. Use Cone of Cold and Horn of the Unicorn (yes, i know not Marvel or DC, but perhaps you should look into getting just the basic actions from those sets because they're about as thematic as the BAC of the Super sets ... not very) The reason people are using this combo is that for the cost of bolt you get +2A on your overcrushed character.

    If you're not using that combo, then perhaps look at removing cable, because overcrush is less important if you have to spend 2 bolts to get someone to bock; two bolts that oculd have been spent to do +2 damage anyway. I feel like Antman would get more NET damage for you with his global to allow Doc Oc to swap his 4/8 face for 1 fist than you would get out of Cable's Make a target block. The difference is 2 bolts on two blockers is a loss of 4 damage from the pumps you could have given him. Instead spend a fist and give him the two damage anyway. PLUS Ant-Man is a scientist, Cable not so much.

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    but the thing is... the plan is to field sidekicks and do some initial damage with tsarina/gobby, and then after a few to several turns of basically blocking with most people except tsarina, when I have enough sidekicks out/in my prep area that I'm rolling, with a doc oc out, and rolling an anger issues, my opponent will be whittled down, hopefully to at least 10 life after gobbys coming in after purposely fielding more sidekicks than usual and tsarinas attacking immediately, and I should have a fair amount in my field, and they'll be a little slowed down from captain cold, so I'll have a lot more options to do the math and either force a bunch of blockers on doc oc and do more damage that way, or spin him up and also just attack with everyone and maybe just force blockers enough that I get in enough with my one main big attack (minus the damage from gobby/attacking with tsarina at first)

    that's how it's supposed to play out - and this way, I have more options in that last when I want to win turn when I attack with an anger issues doc oc that has been enraged, and I can either force blockers, or pump people, but my opponent should already be down enough that I'll be able to do enough either through forcing blockers with enough bolts, or just pumping up, or enough people attacking... just more options I think, and if their life hasn't been whittled down pretty well, I haven't been playing it correctly at all

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    not that I don't appreciate the advice, but it's not JUST supposed to be doc oc attacking at the end, so it doesn't ALL have to be into that

    I do like the ant-man thing and I think good stuff could come out of it but I feel like this gives me options

    and it just means a different strategy of fielding more sidekicks, whom I can either block with or not, but they'll either be in play or be getting rolled, and I have a lot of good 2 and 3 drops that I want to recycle but attacking with and fielding (gobby/tsarina mainly), so I'll be able to afford rolling characters on double energy to buy dudes if I need to field a sidekick IMO

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    actually though, ...., I think you're right mathematically, and an ant-man switching doc oc's attack/defense is also more reliable than an enrage basic action being rolled, and with the same strategy I was just discussing, if my opponent chooses not to block at all, 11 damage (8 base + 3 anger issues) should be enough, and if they want to block, let's average a defense of 4, that would be 7 with one blocker, or 14 with 2, as he does his full attack to each blocker. And, I should still have other attackers as well, like Tsarina especially, forcing him to take damage or make his characters weaker,

    but then I feel like I could switch out Iceman too, I'm just wondering who I'd put in

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    although I could keep iceman in and keep enrage in just to use its global... except I'll be rolling more fists with the ant-man in, so I could probably switch enrage out for maybe save civilians since I will be wanting to field sidekicks?

    which would mean I don't need iceman anymore to get all those bolt sides though

    think it's better to keep him and enrage for the chance for the big pump up?

    I actually think I'm better off keeping enrage and iceman in just to have the better chance of the big pump up

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    Just for clarity's sake, what do you intend on purchasing during a normal game? Doc Ock, Anger Issues, Widow, Gobby, Capt. Cold? A big focus towards Ock isn't a bad idea. Where some teams like this get bogged down is in buying too much. You get less of what your win condition is and also have less a chance of getting the dice you want when you want them.

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    ok, I was thinking first turns I'd buy tsarina (or hellblazer if opponent has a big immediate threat, or maybe both) and try to field at least a sidekick a turn, pxg, and buy a 2 drop first couple turns
    then buy gobby, a captain cold, and more gobby, holding off basically and doing some tsarina/gobby damage

    then I buy anger issues (I guess I don't need to buy enrage if I switch ant man for cable, just use its global if I don't have fists), and doc oc, and when he is on the field and I roll an anger issues, I'm all set and ready for one last pounce to finish it off, keeping sidekicks in play by fielding and not attacking only blocking with them, so when the time comes, I can make them all bolts to pump up the doctor if necessary

    does that sound like too much? that's not sarcastic btw, lol, I realize it might sound that way... I need to wait till I can playtest against somebody but it doesn't sound unreasonable imo

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    I think Dave's point is that the plan you've listed takes the purchase of 7 dice, or 15 dice total. Where in the more competitive environments you're looking at a High hopes team that can win with 2 dice purchased, for a total of 10 dice. Not saying you're going to build a deck that only needs to buy two dice to win, but 7 dice might be a few too many. Get a plan that only requires you to buy 3-5 dice, and then have other dice you buy IF. Clearly define those IFs and stick to the plan of only buying your core dice. Many times you don't need to by multiples of a die either. Cheap 2 costs can be good for that, but most other die you don't normally need multiples.

    After all that, look at each die you're purchasing, calculate how many times you are planning to field it and ask your self how much damage that does toward your goal of 20 damage to win the game. This is how you find the 3-5 dice you're going to use, add together the damage until you get 20. This is your perfect game. If you can get to your perfect game before your opponent you win.

    Remember Dice masters isn't a game about building the strongest combo, it's about building the deck that can do 20 damage the fastest. on't get me wrong, I have a deck that I built that is akin to the No Attack deck, it does very low damage and is designed to demoralize my opponent more than actually win. However, it still has to opportunity to put 20 points of damage on the board, clear away blockers and win the game. Always look for lethal damage moves. Every turn, look for ways to kill your opponent. this won't happen every turn, but by looking for them every turn you will find the ways you COULD do it next turn, or next game, or next tournament.

    To bring it back around, build a combination to win in as few dice as possible, then have fun building the deck around that combo.

    While we're at it, take a look at Ant-Man, Ice man and Anger Issues. That in and of itself is a 3 card lethal combo. (6+3+1)*2 is 20 damage, you need Iceman fielded, roll anger issues and 2 bolts, not too hard to get. Now build the team to support this. Doc Oc can stay for an alternate strategy or to provide multiple threat layers, PXG is good, gobby is good, now figure out the rest of the spots.

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    I feel like your team wins with Doc Ock. I would recommend focusing on getting him. Widow and Gobby have some trouble when Hulk is on the other side of the table, and he's around a lot now. They're viable characters though, obviously. I think you want to have gone something like 2-drop, Anger Issues, Doc Ock on your first few turns. Then add in another die or two as needed. It just might take more than one swing with Doc to get there. I don't think you're looking at bad purchases, I think though that the way you're buying them ends up in a longer game, and I don't know that this team works well in a long game.

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    So what if I keep Constantine but drop him to 2 dice and make Iceman 3 dice (instead of just 1), and drop Tsarina and add 2 drop Ghost Rider? I feel like keeping Captain Cold isn't bad.

    I also feel like Tsarina isn't exactly awful to have, but I guess I see how she's not exactly helping to the other win condition.

    I'll try playing the deck with a few different cards switched in/out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave View Post
    I feel like your team wins with Doc Ock. I would recommend focusing on getting him. Widow and Gobby have some trouble when Hulk is on the other side of the table, and he's around a lot now. They're viable characters though, obviously. I think you want to have gone something like 2-drop, Anger Issues, Doc Ock on your first few turns. Then add in another die or two as needed. It just might take more than one swing with Doc to get there. I don't think you're looking at bad purchases, I think though that the way you're buying them ends up in a longer game, and I don't know that this team works well in a long game.
    what are a couple of replacements you'd make on the current team then, to make it better for the long game?

    I feel like I can have Constantine with just one or two dice for when I need him, and I feel like a Tsarina at first isn't a bad threat to throw my opponent off as I keep buying more/fielding sidekicks

    I mean... like, what buying pattern would you suggest? I won't have a chance to play this in forever.

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