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    Fantasy League

    Hey fellow TRPers,

    I'm looking to start a Fantasy League League. The Summer Split of LCS starts in the next week or so and I was wondering if anyone here would be interested in joining. I'd be happy to commissioner and pony up a mystery skin for the winner.

    If you're interested reply here with your summoner name and what days over the next two weeks you'll be available to draft.

    For you "sports" people that came here looking for your "real sports", check out and join us anyway!

    PS you better not draft my Unicorns of Love!!!!!

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    ...I have very little idea what this is, or how it works. That being said, I AM SO IN AND I WILL WIN.


    EDIT: I also typed in "Shadowmeld" as my referral person. Hopefully that is you.

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    The LCS has gotten so entertaining to watch.

    This season a brand new team that worked it's way up from the challenger series (minors) was able to take the number one team in the European LCS to the best of 5 for 1st place. The team that beat them is the oldest team with one of the most experienced players in the world on it. This older team went to an international event a month after this best of 5 and took the best team in the world (korean obviously) to a 5 game series. All of it was so fun to watch!

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