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Thread: Polymorph and Targeting

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    Polymorph and Targeting

    We all know Polymorph was seen at US Nationals and Canadian Nationals, but do we really understand how it targets?

    The things I'm confused on:
    Polymorph targets a character in the field, yours or your opponents. Does this mean I can redirect Polymorph to send my opponent's character to the used pile and still benefit by fielding my character?

    Polymorph targets a character in the field, does that mean I can't use Polymorph on anything but the target of a Ring of Magnetism?

    Polymorph does or does not target a character in the used pile?

    If targets, can I redirect that to a different used pile character? to a character in my used pile? to a character in the prep area, reserve pool or on a card?

    Some of these questions are pretty obvious, but I wanted to lay out the situations that might arise as we move into Worlds, and see this action die see more use. The problem interactions for Polymorph mostly come from the dastardly Storm Weather Witch and Ring of Magnetism, but then again that's what these two cards were designed to do... make your life crazy.

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    Replying here with my own thoughts to get this going.

    Polymorph can only target characters in the field. the character "chosen" in the used pile isn't a target because you cannot target things outside of the field area. As such, when you redirect the primary target, the secondary target either remains the same or must change because of the linked nature of the card, "that player's used pile".

    Both readings are interesting, but I think the linked nature ruling is a more easily understood and preserves the intent of the card. I'm not sure that Playing Polymorph on your sidekick should allow you to redirect to your opponent's hulk to bring out your hulk after sending his to the used pile.

    Of course, another reading of all of this is that Polymorph just doesn't target at all, and "swap" is another type of "choosing" that we haven't encountered much before.

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    This is what the guy that will be head judge at UK Nationals said about the Polymorph / Weather Witch interaction:

    Official Ruling below:

    You can use Storm: Weather Witch to change the “fielded character” target of Polymorph.

    You cannot use Storm: Weather Witch to change the “non-NPC character from that player’s used pile” target of Polymorph.
    Don't know how "official" it is.

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    Without the word target being used, I'm inclined to believe that

    cannot change anything as polymorph does not specifically target. I'm hoping that I'm wrong, as I would enjoy the shenanigans that could cause.

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    That is official enough for me Scorpion. Now the question becomes, if I change it to my opponents character could I polymorph as removal in order to get my character out for free? Or would the opponent be able to change the target to his die and steal my character as I'm poltmorphing.

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    The character being Polymorphed in has to come from the Used Pile of the player that controls the character being Polymorphed out.

    So if you redirect their Polymorph on to your fielded character, the one being swapped in must come from your Used Pile. And vice versa.

    I'm not sure who chooses which character is swapped in though, if there is more than one.

    The player playing the Polymorph, I guess.

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