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Thread: Tournament Report - 05/16: The Wizard's Chest Denver CO - Mixed/Unlimited

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    Tournament Report - 05/16: The Wizard's Chest Denver CO - Mixed/Unlimited

    I have been playing dice masters since it was released, casually and very infrequently. I started with AvX, collected almost a full set and then the game went stagnant as not many people could get the dice needed to play so I stopped playing/thinking about the game. Uncanny X-Men came and went and I ignored Dice Masters.

    As more sets came out (Uncanny and YGO) I heard more chatter about the game. When BFF was released I decided it would be fun to get a GF and starter and play some D&D Dice (not to be confused with Dragon Dice!), built a team and enjoyed the set.

    Then Justice League was released and I convinced my wife to play Dice Masters by building her a Wonder Woman deck, I collected more JL and ended up with a nice base of cards.

    Around this time I recalled an old podcast I has listened to way back when Dice Masters was still new, ironically I did the first iTunes review for TRP, which lead me to the site and forums and I have started listening to the podcast again. From the forums I met VapeDave, he invited me to play in some local tournaments and this leads us to today.

    I played in my first unlimited tournament this weekend at The Wizard’s Chest in Denver. We had a decent showing of 7 people which meant 3 rounds.

    My build from this weekend was Kobold Smash:

    4 Kobold - Greater Humanoid
    4 Black Widow - Tsarina
    4 Hulk - Jade Giant

    4 Constantine - Hellblazer

    2 Ghost Rider - Johnny Blaze
    1 Slifer the Sky Dragon - Lightning Blast

    1 Professor X - Recruiting Young Mutants

    Basic: Polymorph / Resurrection

    Round 1 vs. VapeDave.

    Dave was playing his Ramp BaBomb control deck. I was able to start the Kobold ramp and fielded Tsarina. He countered with Constantine and was able to ramp faster than I was with PXG and ‘Bolds. He got out the Jade Giant, pinged of my team and was able to swing through for lethal damage. Dave has a very good team and outplayed me; I picked up some pointers and took this knowledge with me into the next rounds.

    Round 2 vs. Kevin (yatigan).

    Kevin was playing a bolt heavy team featuring The Human Torch and Cyclops. He also had Black Widow and Cheetah, I can't recall the rest of the team. I eventually was able to Kobold up to a Jade Giant quickly via PXG/Resurrection and a fielded a Constantine. He pinged of the Hellblazer and I was able to field another Jade Giant and polymorph him down to level 2 while he had amassed his army of Human Torch, Cyclops and some sidekicks. With the HT active he started to field more dudes all on one turn, he would field a character and do a point to me, I would kill the fielded character via JG. I wiped the field and swung for lethal damage.

    Round 3 vs. Xavier

    He had a team with Formerly Weapon X, other cheap dudes and really didn't stand a chance. I was able to ramp up quickly and dominate the game with Jade Giant by round three.

    Some thoughts on my build, the Johnny Blaze was simply for more bolt energy and basically a non-factor. He has been cut for Storm – Goddess of the Plains, who will add some nice control and Mask energy if needed for PXG. I love the thought of being able to clear opposing Jade Giants via Storm.

    The 4 Hulks was a bit of over kill as well, I think I will drop down to 3 (which is still heavy Hulk, but I’m not ready to go down to 2).

    I really loved ramping up the mana and draw via buying the Kobolds early. I rally see Kobold Swarm as a staple of this format and am in love with them. So cheap and so fast.

    Ideally first turn buy 3 Kobolds and PXG on their turn or Resurrect on yours. Both ways are fun, PXG and you have 6 sidekicks on turn two or Resurrect and turn two you are drawing into the Kobolds with luck and at minimum have 5 Sidekicks and are ready to start the draw advantage with Kobolds, once one is fielded the rest are just extra Fist energy and speed.

    Slifer was awesome as it basically gave me a free basic action and I didn’t need to worry about Magic Missile for Jade Giant/control.

    I loved the control of Hulk – JG! Constantine was amazing too, such a good control piece. Tsarina is a nice threat and also great ramp mana.

    Resurrection is fantastic bag/dice advantage as well. Having this and PXG helps you to draw regardless of the energy rolled.

    As soon as he comes in the mail, I’ll be adding the Jinzo Trap Destroyer for more control which would put me here:

    4 Kobold - Greater Humanoid
    4 Black Widow - Tsarina
    3 Hulk - Jade Giant

    4 Constantine – Hellblazer
    1 Jinzo – Trap Destroyer

    1 Slifer the Sky Dragon - Lightning Blast

    2 Storm – Goddess of the Plains
    1 Professor X - Recruiting Young Mutants

    Basic: Polymorph / Resurrection

    It was a fun tourney and I look forward to playing more Mixed/Unlimted events.

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    Congrats on the 2-1. The variety we're starting to see is fantastic.

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    Thanks Dave! I really hope the unlimited scene continues to grow as it's my favorite way to play!

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