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Thread: Article: Reading the Rainbow Episode 6 - Super Rares

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    There is just no way I can pass up the SR regardless of what I'm doing. I'm never going to get to the point where I have them all, so having trade bait is super valuable. That being said, (and I've said it before) I love how great red Tornado is. <3.

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    Agreed. 18 packs from any set went to the winner of our draft, and I happened to pull a Tsarina. I mostly drafted Cs/UCs.

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    I'm not sure you're correct on Harley Quinn's ability. Assuming it is the same as Angel's (which it looks like it is), it is intended to read "All characters who are able to be blocked must be blocked before HQ."

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    I am aware if this ruling. I agree that Angel is designed to be worded that way, however the difference here is that Harley says Attackers and Angel didn't. Why they would add half of the wording of a ruling such as this to this obviously similar card? You could say that they just aren't that through, or you could say they wanted this sort of interaction. I will say that the Harley cards have synergized with Joker pretty well and I think that this Harley is designed to pair with the common Joker.

    With that said, I definitely see how Harley could also be ruled that way. Here's to gray area.

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    Ugh. The bane of drafting is the monetary value of cards outside of the draft. It annoys me when I feel that I have to take a card because of it's rarity and not because I need it for my build. In this case if I was player three I would pick up the uncommon Black Manta and the common Cheetah, and go hard for a villain deck. Mainly because, I feel the SR Flash is weak, and from what I've heard/read most people agree, so I can't see him being very good trade bait.

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    I really can't agree with you more. One of the things I like to do is draft my gravity Feeds with friends. This way I can still garuntee a SR or two, everyone knows that rarity doesn't matter as much because they are my cards and because I love drafting so much.

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    Nice idea @Shadowmeld . Now to gain the ability to control my pack opening addiction in order to save a new gravity feed for a draft.

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