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Thread: Why Doesn't Professor X: Powerful Telepath Get Any Love?

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    Why Doesn't Professor X: Powerful Telepath Get Any Love?

    Professor X is just like Jinzo: Trap Destroyer, but the cost is cheaper by 1 and its an uncommon. The only plus Jinzo has over Professor X is dice stats, but its not like you're going to attack with either to possibly loose the ability. The only reason I see why Jinzo is more popular is the fact YGO was more available than AVX, so players overlooked the better card.

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    The other reason may be that when people use Professor X, they are going to use a version that will allow for the PXG ramp. Maybe, in a world with more ramp options, his AvX versions will start appearing in more control decks.

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    (just for reference)

    Jinzo makes your opponent pay life every time. Prof X is just once per turn.

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    Prof X Telepath is at the heart of my Taste of Your Own Medicine team along with Joker Clown Prince, Loki Gem-Keeper, Deadman Boston Brand, BEWD Monstrous Dragon (to afford these), Kwannon & Jade Giant for spot removal and Mystique Shapeshifter to use their best card against them (even if they can't because of Joker/Loki/Deadman). Distraction and Relentless for attacker/blocker control. Jinzo TD would be a great substitute for PXPT. Room here for Doomcaliber Knight Fiendish Fighter.

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    Jinzo's ability is counted by his cost. You're paying that 1 extra to get him out, which has players bring him out later compared to Professor X.

    Professor X is better because it makes your opponent die by 1,000 cuts through 2 life a turn, whic he will be willing to risk. Jinzo is more like brute force where opponents will straight out avoid globals and action die all together. PX is the honey while Jinzo is the vinegar.

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    If you want to get Jinzo out early, you can get him as early as turn 3. I don't see being able to get Prof X out much earlier than that.

    And I want Jinzo for the exact reason you mentionef. He's going to cause my opponent to play differently. He's going to force them to change plans. If my opponent can't use PXG 3 times because they don't want to pay 6 life, then I'm well on my way to victory.

    With Professor X in play, my opponent might have to pay 2 life, 3 turns in a row, but if they still do everything they want and swing for 20 damage on turn 4 or 5, then it doesn't matter that they had to pay a little life here and there to achieve their goal. Jinzo can force a team to stop relying on bolts for ping damage or masks for pxg.

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    Both have great applications. Professor X is a beast on teams that play Ant Man's global. Seeing your opponent's face when what should be designated blocker comes in for 9 is classic. That said, I think Jinzo is better and doesn't prevent you from playing PXG.

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    Professor X from AvX has one distinct advantage for me over Jinzo: I don't own any YuGiOh. So for those of us Johnny-Never-Dids out there who never got around to purchasing YuGiOh, this is a nice solution to fill that role.

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    I'd recommend picking him up online. The uncommon is fairly inexpensive, and fits on many a team. I understand not digging Yu-Gi-Oh, but Jinzo is excellent.

    Makes me want to watch the danged thing and find out what made Jinzo so awesome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SlapsterMcFlash View Post
    don't joke around about being a (presumably) grown man and wanting to watch yugioh
    $5 says I'm taller than you, and shame on you for judging. Some cartoons are still pretty fantastic, and I can appreciate all kinds of art. Heck, I thought "The Fault in Our Stars" was one of the best films of last year.

    So, yeah. Don't judge people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RJRETRO View Post
    So, yeah. Don't judge people.
    Or Animes! Seriously though, the quality of Yogioh as a story, is pretty terrible, and made worse in the American Dubs. There are much better Animes to follow. Like ONE PIECE! come to me 700+ episodes of Rubber Pirate King!

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