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Thread: Article: Off the Meta | Iron Man and Introductions

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    Article: Off the Meta | Iron Man and Introductions

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    Nice article. I've enjoyed your past ones on reddit.

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    Oh dear! You are going to give away all my secrets! How am I going to impress the bosses now?

    Great article dude!

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    I glad to have the warm reception. Here's hoping other users start taking advantage of the blog system too!

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    Thanks for the great read. I agree with what you said on
    I love pairing him with Silfer of Magic Missile.

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    Quote Originally Posted by archivist View Post
    Please define AoE - thank you
    Ah, no problem. AoE stands for Area of Effect. It refers to abilities that damage multiple entities at once. Some great examples of AoE are: Hulk - Green Goliath, Force Beam, breath weapons, Blue Dragon - Apprentice Dragon, or Vibe - Francisco Ramon. These are all ways of dealing damage to multiple foes or even allies all at the same time. Iron Man works well with and against AoE effects since his own efects usually revolve around manipulating or mitigating damage, meaning that it's either going to be beneficial to you, or only damaging to your opponent. This is good because AoE effects are often designed around the notion that there will be friendly fire as an innate balancing feature. If you can turn that fact to your advantage with Iron Man, you can turn that balancing feature into another benefit, allowing you to make better use of those cards (or weather your opponents' AoE better).

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