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Thread: Any Melbourne Dice Masters?

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    Any Melbourne Dice Masters?

    Hey TRP,

    I've recently got into the game about 3 weeks ago, loving every minute of it so far. I play at NLG Preston (Melbourne's North East) and we currently only have the AvX Set to play around with, though we are getting Uncanny X-Men in the next week or two (inb4 primitive Australia jokes!).

    Is anybody else on this forum from Australia? Also, our Nats is coming up in July, whilst Worlds are in June. Am I correct in assuming that there would then be a 11 month delay between Australian National Qualifiers and Worlds for 2016? In that case a whole lot could change in the meta!



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    Welcome owLy. I hope you find some local (or localism) players!

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    Cheers, Chris! Hoping so too, this game is so damn good. I wonder though, did Wizkids perhaps not do as good as they should have with advertisement and distribution? It seems as though a lot of people have no idea about it, and if they do, it's hard to get stock.

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    If you guys have a facebook ... check out the Australian Dice Masters group -

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