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Thread: How do you pass time waiting at the hospital?

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    How do you pass time waiting at the hospital?

    I often wonder how people in the good ol' days got through a 90 minute wait at the hospital before electronics.

    After screwing up my finger something special yesterday (still hoping to play baseball today for the first time all season... I'm CRAZY) I'm going to be heading to the clinic today to get it checked out. On my to-bring list:

    Phone (obvious... podcasts and the ability to browse some forums)
    Tablet (Recently purchased Magic 2015 on there. As much as some people complain about it, my girlfriend and I adore the game.)
    e-Reader (In the midst of reading a bunch of books I read as a kid, and I figured I could read a bunch before getting bored.)
    Game Boy SP (I have a DS, I have a 3DS, but I also recently purchased Fire Pro Wrestling and I've been waiting for an opportunity to start creating some wrestlers.)
    And finally, a raincoat (Beautiful today today... but it's the only thing I have that can carry all the above without having to bring in a bag.)

    So that's my plan. What is yours?

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    Juuuuussssssst saw this.

    Beyond the ones you've listed, here's what I'd add:

    Notepad or notebook - something to doodle, write down ideas or stuff (I'm more tactile than using my phone's "notes" feature)
    Always grab a small box board game or two - something with low set up and pieces and that's easy to play
    Snacks - because vending machine food is pricey, mmmmmkay?

    Wait...why hasn't @Randy weighed in on this?!?

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    Magic 2015 isn't what people complain about so much. It's MTGO, which is separate and has benefits but has never been perfect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris View Post
    (I'm more tactile than using my phone's "notes" feature)
    Interesting you brought this up. Of all my family/co-workers, I am definitely one of the most "electronically inclined" by far. However, I refuse to use my phone's "notes" feature as well as the "e-calendar" feature. They think I'm crazy.

    Old school is better in that regard, IMO.

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    As a guy who has been at both the hospital and nursing home visiting my mom for about 2 months straight now, I can say my time has been spent watxhing, complaining about how long it takes for a nurse just come around and turn off an alarm, and talking with you guys on the forums. It takes my mind off the pain of slowly losing my mother.

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    I'm sorry to hear that that is what you're dealing with. That being said, good on you for being there for her.

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