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Thread: 5/14, Unlimited Tourney, Graham Crackers, DeKalb, IL

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    5/14, Unlimited Tourney, Graham Crackers, DeKalb, IL

    We've got a fun, hopefully growing group at this college campus comic book shop. Given that we play on a college campus though, our numbers take a bit of a hit in the summer. However, any slide in numbers is made up for with just a good group of guys. I had a pretty crappy day at work last week so I decided, apparently to spite myself, run a team that I've never attempted (my thought process was that if I ran my Widow-Wolvy team and I lost that it would just make the day that much worse!). So I went with almost all bolts:

    4 Green Goblin- Gobby
    4 Human Torch- Flame On
    4 Firestorm- Jason and Ronnie
    4 Cyclops- Field Leader
    2 Loki- Gem-Keeper
    1 Iceman- Too Cool For Words
    1 Professor X- Trainer
    2 Apocalypse- Earth-295

    BAC- Gearing Up, Teleport

    I've never tried to rely solely on my Gobby to drive a game so I thought this would be a good way to try it out.

    Game 1- I faced a guy named Paul (I call him 'Other Paul' as I have a buddy named Paul that is also typically part of our group). He ran a control team, built around the life-gaining Beast, Psylocke and Storm while hoping to ramp up to a big hitter. My direct damage team made fairly quick work of his group as I rolled particularly well this game. Towards the end, as he had built up a decent field (mostly of blockers though) I was able to spring my Apocalypse. He rolled 7 dice and only 2 came up characters! One thing that greatly aided me was a rule that I learned on this board: you can use the PXG during first turns. It makes total sense but it had never dawned on me and so I've been cheating myself for a while!

    Game 2- I faced Justin, a very casual player. His deck was a mix of simply what he had available at the time. A good number of Storms and then some dragony things from D&D. This was a three turn win for me as Gobby and the sidekicks ruled the day. I realize now that I've been way too locked into using Tsarina and that Gobby may be equally as strong.

    Game 3- I'm 2-0 and have likely locked up the tournament. This time I faced a guy that is in and out but is a really solid player. His team was built around Quicksilver in a way that I'm still not sure it had a ton of direction. This was again a quick run to victory as nobody had any Gobby-stoppers available. His best bet would've been a Cerebro that was sitting there but he never got the opportunity to get to it. This game I did spring a Firestorm onto the field which was a nice boost as well each time Gobby came out.

    So I finished 3-0 (next time I will pay MUCH more attention to what the guys are playing for when I do recaps). My rewards were pretty solid: Wolverine-Wanted and Cyclops-Phoenix Force (we were playing for some leftovers).

    We play again Thursday and I'm likely reverting back to my Tsarina deck or trying out a villain deck.

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    Congratulations, always nice having a clean sweep win. Surprised no one ran a Constantine to stop your gobby. Especially if you normally turn up with a Tsarina deck.
    Speaking of Tsarina, I'm curious about your main deck you mention running her with wolverine?

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    Hey spidermaxx-

    I've been adapting it to incorporate the new set but traditionally, my Tsarina deck is:

    4 Black Widow- Tsarina
    4 Ant Man- Biophysicist
    4 Beast- I rotate between Beast-Mutate and Beast-Genetic Expert
    2 Deadpool- Chiyonasnake
    1 Spider Man- Webslinger
    1 Loki- Gem keeper (obviously defense)
    1 Professor X- Recruiting Young Mutants
    3 Wolverines- Canucklehead
    BAC- Teleport, Force Beam

    I'm built for a couple possible win conditions, most obviously Tsarina to Wolvy. However, if that gets stopped, I use the fists to get into a Chiyonsnake or Spiderman play. The one guy that sticks out a bit is Ant Man but a few tournaments ago, I was rolling horrifically, Tsarina was locked down and I ended up, amazingly, winning with Ant Man rushing while Spider Man drew everybody.

    With the new set, I do like the idea of incorporating The Atom, Deathstroke or Catwoman. Additionally, a buddy gave me 4 dice and the card for Kobold-Greater Humanoid, the 1 point fist swarm card from D & D. That could significantly ramp this team up faster, in which case I would boot Deadpool and/or Ant Man and snag another big hitter.

    This team has won two tournaments for me as it stands but DC could change a lot of that, both in terms of opponents' opportunity to shut down some of the strengts (Hellraiser for one) and perhaps more synergy for me (plus some different BAC choices).

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    I always put kobold on my team, if I need fists for any of the spiderman effects (helps big time with the promo half health one)

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    Kobold is a game changer, I love his ramp and expect to see him played akin to moxen in Magic.

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