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Thread: Carry case/play area I made

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    Carry case/play area I made

    If I had to do it over again I would have made it about half to three-quarters of an inch smaller in height. I still have to poly it and finish adding details to the play area top. The top slides open to reveal the storage underneath/inside. Also going to add a handle on the side toward me and clasp to keep it from sliding open. Each slot on the inside is just able to hold 4 dice side-by-side and each of the spaces for the cards can hold at least a team. I also think I want to add color to the playing area, sort of like how the matts look.

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    WOW - love it!

    Did you get the foam cut or did you cut it yourself?

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    I like it a lot. I used to work for a company that cut foam for the space program. This takes me back to that time

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