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Thread: Recommended teams for demoing the game?

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    Recommended teams for demoing the game?

    I wanted to get the community's thoughts on preferred characters and/or teams to use when demoing the game to new players.

    While I know I'm not that great of a teacher, this does seem like a tough game to teach.

    Here's my current process:
    1. Walk thru a few turns using characters with no abilities to demonstrate basic mechanics: buying, fielding, attacking and defending.
    2. Explain BACs and global a
    3. Set up two teams and let them play while answering questions.

    Big issue is the make-up of those two teams. I feel like my two teams have been too unbalanced. In the past I've tried to use these teams to highlight certain common abilities and combos as well as making one more control the other more aggro. However the aggro team almost invariably stomps the control team.

    Any tips?

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    You know for getting to know the game I would suggest using the teams suggested in each expansion. It's just two versus two but it gets people to know the mechanics. I have modified it to make one side (the new person's) a little stronger. That way they can see a combo and feel a little empowered.

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    I would look at running comparative control teams, maybe one from two different sets (maybe Uncanny and DC as both are fairly readily available). Going with two control teams allows the game to progress at a much slower pace. Or perhaps an early control buy team with the ability to ramp to big hitters so that you can demonstrate each side of the game and do so with two different sets.

    For an Uncanny one, I would look at Storm, Psylocke as the early cheapies and then ramp to a She-hulk perhaps.
    For the DC one, I think I would run Constantine and Katana as cheap buys and ramp to a Superman.

    I will say that when I was first introduced to the game it was via a 4 cards and 12 dice per team format and that made it very easy to get.

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    Make theme teams based off their affiliation. Having simple teams based off; X-Men, Avengers, Justice League, Brotherhood of Mutants, or Legion of Doom will give them something familiar to work off of. This is the way I got into the game by playing an Avengers team a store employee let me use.

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    I've been doing demos at stores and my solution is to bring 1 character of each energy type and build a little curve, making sure to bring some 2 or 3 cost and then a 4 and 5 and teach them without abilities on the cards. That way they learn the basics or purchasing, fielding, die faces, and phases and attacking and defending. That way I don't need to figure out any combos and I don't break their brains with PXG until after I show them the basics. I pulled from my DC stuff because that's what the store had in stock and most of the people purchased packs while we were there.

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    Appreciate the comments everyone. I think I'll try to put together a simple Justice League and Legion of Doom team for demo purposes.

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    We also set up Doubles with a couple starter teams to teach groups of new people to play. It is great way to have fun and learn.

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