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    When a character has the swarm ability it means that after you have one in the field. If you pull one of the same character dice out of your bag, you can pull another die from your bag. This can be done multiple times. So if you have say the kobold with swarm out, and you have 2 in your bag and you pull one of them out of your 4 dice, you can then grab another die. If that die is another kobold then you can pull another die out of your bag.

    Do that help?

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    Good explanation Dave. Also if you have say two different character with swarm, they do not work together. i.e. if you have a die in play and draw a die from your bag, the swarm from Kobold does not activate.
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    Right. The Kobold swarm only swarms with other Kobold. The same for Stirge (only working with other Stirge dice).

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    Another thing to remember is that you get one additional die per drawn die that matches a fielded swarm character.

    So if I have a Kobold and a Stirge fielded and, during Clear and Draw, I draw 2 Kobolds, say, then I get to draw 2 additional dice. And if these are then both Stirge, I get to draw 2 more!

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    Reminder text on cards is TERRIBLE in Dice Masters. Always read the ability description in your rule book. If you don't have one handy you can download PDF versions on the Wizkids website under each specific Dice masters set. For Swarm, check out the DnD page.

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