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    Ugh. I'm almost positive on this ruling, but can't find it anywhere.

    If I redirect damage, is it still from the original source, or is the ability that is redirecting it considered to be the new source?

    If a character damages me and I redirect that damage to my own character, who damaged my character? The opposing character or me?

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    DC Rule Book, page 21:

    Preventing and Redirecting

    Some powers prevent a game effect (damage, drawing a die, etc.). This includes cards that “take no damage.” When an action is prevented, all of the effects of that ability are canceled, and that effect can no longer be reacted to. Costs for that ability are not refunded.

    Other powers redirect a game effect (usually damage). When an effect is redirected, the target of the effect changes from its original target to the new one chosen as described in the game text, even if that target was not a legal one for the original effect. The source of the effect remains unchanged from the original.

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    Always check those rule-books first Randy, GAWD, that's the first rule of this forum :P

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    The first rule of TRP forum is always check the rulebook first.
    The second rule of TRP forum is always check the rulebook first.

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