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Thread: Sidekick dice

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    Sidekick dice

    So my one local store that's asked me to help organize and run some demos and events has not been able to get in any starters until AoU it seems. The problem with Wizkids having an exclusive relationship with 1 distributor....

    So I'm trying to figure out where I can get more sidekick dice from because 10 to 12 people are interested in drafting.

    Any ideas?

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    And here I am sitting on 128 sidekick dice wondering what to do with them. If you want to pay for postage, I can probably send some your way.

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    While it's not ideal, here is a chart of what Wicked Nerd was referring to for the D6's:

    Sidekick Dice:
    1-Pawn 0 1 1

    Basic Action Dice:

    Wizkids also published an article on this when AvX starters were super rare. Hope this helps.

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    Yeah, that's pretty well all you can do. Unless you're willing to order a bunch online. May help your store to just have a bunch of sidekick dice in storage for future events as well.

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    Yeah that why I was figuring out where to pick them up from. I mean bill have more when I get to picking up the AoU starter, but I'd like to keep 2 players worth with me so I can play at home of I ever get the time to teach my fiancÚ. So right now I only have 10 players worth of sidekick dice available to me.

    My concern with using the other dice is being able to tell the difference in the sizes or something.

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    So what part of the country (world?) are you in, @Diabolik ? I'm sure people in the community here can probably donate (since most of us have most or all of the Starter sets with excess dice), but someone more local might be easier (or at least cheaper to ship).

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    I'm located in central New Jersey. Just updated my profile a bit, there are limitations to the mobile site.

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	image.jpg 
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ID:	624I've got these if you still need dice
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