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Thread: How important is Defense in this game? Where is it's priority? and more Philosophies.

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    How important is Defense in this game? Where is it's priority? and more Philosophies.

    Ok so I am starting this post because of another post I started about a Crazy Combo.
    However as the post kept moving I thought a completely different question,
    Even if it is legal, does it even matter, Defense is a secondary in this game.
    If you look there is a lot of defensive cards in the game, Vision, Gelatinous Cube, Character who's major stat is defense.
    However other than completely fun teams we never see these characters, unless maybe we bring Ant-Man.
    Why because it turns the defense to offense.

    Which brings up the real question.

    Does defense really matter?

    In this game you have to have blockers, but often they are also our biggest offense guys as well.
    because we don't have to worry that much about them being knocked out we will block with them.
    Or use pawns.

    We do not see Deflection much anymore because of doom caliber knight.
    Lord of the D Ring was an awesome combo,
    But you did not see it on I think any of the top 8 National teams.
    Why? I think because they were all defense and slowed down your attack.

    So really.

    What part is Defense in his game? How many card slots do you use for solely Defensive aspects?

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    I only tend to have 1 or 2 slots for defensive characters but I do try to have at least one in case my opponent is using a lot over Overcrush.

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    As the rules are currently, Dice Masters heavily favors aggro strategies as opposed to control strategies and thus dicew that can win the race quickly with more Attack are valued much more than dice that can allow for your stabilization with more Defense.


    1. Everything leads back to the Reserve Zone. This is why a card like BEWDiful is so dang good despite denying you board presence: you'll have a good chance to use that character or sidekick again to better effect.

    2. Active player 'retains priority' for all desired actions. Or, in more Magicky slang: this allows the whoever's turn it is to make power plays and alpha strikes without fear of viable responses because, well, there aren't any responses allowed until the active player wishes it.

    3. No summoning sickness exists for Dice Masters. While this is somewhat mitigated by unblocked attackers going to the used pile after dealing damage and further hindered by fielding costs, let's be honest: it doesn't matter how much is your used pile when your opponent's life hits 0.

    While I'm more of a fan of just blowing up attackers and blockers alike with removal, blocking and attacking are still how I not lose and win most of the time. If not losing doesn't guarantee a win while winning does guarantee no losses, then it would be more beneficial to win as efficiently as possible.

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    I believe the real problem is that it's too easy to get past those high defense characters.

    Global: Pay . Target character cannot block.
    I think this global ability should have been limited to once per turn.

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