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    Metal Gear Solid DC

    EDIT: ok ... was still typing and cat jumped up and hit enter: give me a moment to fix this.

    EDIT: This may take awhile: something seems to always distract me.

    First, the name of the team is based off of Metal Gear Solid 3 in two ways. First, if Flashpoint and The Return of Batman are any indication, the Flash and Batman have a habit of warping timelines, much like Naked Snake does if the player decides to kill Major Ocelot in MGS3. Second, just like in the Metal Gear series (well, most of them anyway), the goal of this team is to sneak past the opponent's defenses by making The Flash consistently available and unblockable.

    Basic Action Cards
    - Anger Issues
    - Invulnerability

    Cost Mitigation
    1 Aquaman - Arthur Curry
    1 Wonder Woman - Champion of Themyscira
    1 Batman - Bruce Wayne

    3 The Flash - Speedster

    Global Utility
    1 Blue-Eyes White Dragon - Monstrous Dragon
    1 Iceman - Too Cool for Words
    1 Professor X - Recruiting Young Mutants

    Flex Slot
    ? ???
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    Between jumping cats and cell phone bills, I finally finished the OP. Figured this would be an interesting aggro/midrange counterpart to my Mad Magic control-ish list. Basic gist is to buy at least one of every JL member ran as well as every copy of Anger Issues before sneaking through with a really angry and really lethal Speedster.

    I don't expect from this right now, but I find it interesting that it has all the DC characters my dad, my two sisters, and I enjoy (my mom is a diehard Stark fan).

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    Yeah ... basically my mom doesnt like anyone from DC hero wise and is a big Iron Man fan

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